Here's What Kaia Gerber’s Zodiac Sign Says About Her As A Partner

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Kaia Gerber's modeling career isn't the only thing majorly taking off — it seems like her reported relationship with Pete Davidson is getting serious, too. Ever since TMZ spotted the model and the SNL star were spotted at lunch together on Oct. 22, fans have been speculating whether their relationship is platonic or romantic. Though I can't say for sure whether that mysterious "P" necklace or Gerber's appearance at Davidson's comedy show is indicative of her relationship status, I do know this: Based on Kaia Gerber's zodiac sign, she probably doesn't take relationships lightly.

Gerber was born on Sept. 3, which makes her a cautious, levelheaded Virgo. This sign tends to be pretty picky when selecting a partner, and it's not just because they're perfectionists — it's also because they're looking for the real deal. Though they're loyal as heck and would do anything to improve their partner's life, earning a Virgo's trust is no easy feat. Those born under this sign know exactly what they want and when they want it, and if someone doesn't fit into that master plan, they have no problem bidding that person adieu. If Gerber and Davidson are an item, it's unlikely that Gerber jumped into this relationship feet first.

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Davidson's relationship status may constantly making headlines, but Gerber has only ever been publicly linked to male model Fenton Merkell, whom she reportedly dated in 2017. As the daughter of the legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford, it seems as though Gerber's focus has always been on her career rather than her love life. "When I'm working, I don't have the energy to even flirt with anyone," she jokingly told Vogue in a September 2019 interview. "I'm sorry, I just can't." Though she noted that she's "not losing hope in all love forever," she also told Vogue that she'd rather stay home and play backgammon than go out on dates, which is so Virgo of her.

Those born under this sign tend to be rational and reserved, and most Virgos would much rather have stability than spontaneity in their lives. "I've literally always been a 40-year-old woman in a child's body,” she told Byrdie back in April 2019. “From when I was five, I would always hang out with my parents and their friends, so I get along with 50-year-olds perfectly. All of my friends have always been older than me.” She's certainly wise beyond her years, and though Davidson is almost seven years older than the model, it's unclear whether a guy who recently participated in a comedy show called Let's Make a Poop can be considered "mature." (That said, maybe Gerber didn't mind; she was in the show's audience.)

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Virgos make practical, precise, and punctual partners, and they definitely don't have time for anyone's nonsense. Gerber seems to prioritize her career over her social life, and I doubt anyone could distract her from her professional goals — even a potential new partner. But Virgos aren't selfish, and they love to help out (i.e. give plenty of unsolicited advice to) the people they care about. I don't know how serious things are between Gerber and Davidson (or if they're even dating), but I have a feeling that— if these two keep hanging out — it won't be long until Davidson is stepping out with a clean shave and some new button-ups.