Kaia Reportedly Hung Out At Pete's Comedy Show Amid Dating Rumors

by Candice Jalili
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Less than a week after she sported a mysterious "P" necklace amid a whirlwind of dating rumors, Kaia Gerber reportedly went to Pete Davidson's comedy show at Brooklyn's Murmrr Theatre on Nov. 9. Davidson was reportedly there to tape a podcast at Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s Let’s Make a Poop show. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, Gerber reportedly "was spotted in the reserved section and not many people noticed her."

Luckily, the few fans who did manage to spot her provided Us Weekly with some juicy details. “Kaia appeared to be having fun and she was with a guy who had bleached hair,” another onlooker at the show told Us Weekly. “Pete and Kaia weren’t showing outward PDA and were being low-key. During the show, Pete and Kaia were texting each other.” (Elite Daily reached out to Gerber and Davidson's reps for comment on the rumored date night.)

Um, if texting the person you're into while the two of you are legit in the same room isn't a sign of love, I don't know what is. While there's no official word on what those reported texts were about, I have a solution for any of you sitting there just dying to know what a conversation between Gerber and Davidson would look like.

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In an act of public service, I've scripted a little mock conversation between the two that I'd very much like to believe they were having:

Davidson: Yo, thanks for coming.

Gerber: Haha weirdo, why are you texting me? I'm like 2 feet away from u.

Davidson: IDK u make me nervous :)

Gerber: Aww, Pete. Stop.

Gerber *10 minutes later*: My friend and I are actually gonna go to [insert A-list party here] in, like, 10. You down to join?

Davidson: Oh ya, some of my SNL squad is going to that. I'll def see you guys there.

Gerber: Cool. Just give my name at the door if u have any issues. 😘

At that point, I imagine Davidson lovingly gazing over at Gerber as she confidently made her way out of the club, then counting down the seconds until it was socially appropriate for him to roll out and meet her.

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My own fan fiction aside, Us Weekly reported that Cindy Crawford's supermodel daughter reportedly left the show a little before 11 p.m. with her friend (the guy with the bleached hair). Davidson reportedly left solo 15 minutes after Gerber did. There's no confirmation that the two were heading to the same A-list party, but I'm going to dare to dream.