Justin Bieber's review of the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich might hurt your feelings.

Justin Bieber Is Not A Fan Of The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

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Hold the front door: Justin Bieber posted a video of him finally giving Popeyes' viral chicken sandwich a taste test to his Instagram Stories on Thursday, Nov. 7. But the singer apparently wasn't a huge fan. In fact, Justin Bieber's review of Popeyes' Chicken Sandwich is a bit harsh and might hurt your chicken-loving soul.

The 25-year-old singer weighed in on the viral sandwich and announced his opinion to his 121 million followers on Instagram. But surprisingly, Bieber wasn't totally on board with the popular opinion going around the internet: that the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich is literally an other-worldly gift.

His Nov. 7 video revealed Bieber announcing that the sandwich is “good but it’s not worth the hype," per People. Bieber had not tried the sandwich until months after its initial viral fame. He ordered three to taste, telling his fans, "I gotta see what all this hype is about. All this hype on the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, let me see what we got here.” TBH, it was a painful verdict if you're a huge fan of the sandwich. He did throw Popeye's a bone though, calling the sweet tea "bangin'." I guess you win some, you lose some.

If you've yet to pick up a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich to try for yourself, you can get one at a Popeyes location near you now. The company, which ran out of the chicken sandwiches shortly after the initial release back in August, has finally brought them back to stores. On Oct. 28, Popeyes announced the return of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, and it came back to restaurant locations nationwide a week later on Nov. 3. The ad campaign for the return called the chicken sammie, "the sandwich," as though it's the only sandwich anyone should be eating.

Courtesy of Popeyes

Let's be real, the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich has been hyped so much, so it could make sense that Bieber had just built it up too much in his mind. As soon as the famous sandwich made its Nov. 3 comeback, fans were already taking to Twitter, tweeting about the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich yet again.

I'm not sure the world has ever seen such a viral sandwich until the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich came along. It's a little tragic that someone like Bieber would not be a fan of the sammie, but maybe he will make it up to fans by releasing the new album he's been talking about. In case you missed it, Bieber has tempted fans with the promise of getting his album done before Christmas. On Sunday, Oct. 27, the star posted "If this gets 20 million likes, Justin Bieber will release a new album before Christmas." Of course, fans are all for it, and an album before Dec. 25 would be an awesome present for Beliebers.

He asked fans to "share it, like it, [and] post in your story." At the time of this publication, the post has over 11 and a half million likes, but that's still a far way from 20 million, so if you're serious about getting a Bieber album before Christmas, take a look at his Instagram account and get involved.

The question, though, is how Bieber could be so unimpressed with America's favorite sandwich? I guess it just means more Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches for the rest of us.