Jupiter In Sagittarius Will Help You Feel Free Before The Holidays Hit

There's no doubt about it: 2018 was by no means an easy ride. Seriously, I'm getting emotional just thinking about everything that's transpired over the past year. While we can blame the cosmos for delivering us so many life-changing eclipses and disorienting retrogrades, do you want to know who I think is the real culprit for the gloom and doom? Jupiter in Scorpio, of course. However, the skies are finally beginning to clear, because Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018 is almost here.

In astrology, Jupiter rules over growth, abundance, expansion, higher-education, and luck. It spends 12 to 13 months in each zodiac sign, tinging Jupiter's power with its own form of expression. Of all the planets, it's the most open-minded and optimistic. However, when Jupiter is in dark, soulful, obsessive, and intense Scorpio, this chapter of growth takes place within. After sorting through your worst fears and confronting your inner power, Jupiter in Scorpio has encouraged you to spend time in your own little secret world. Now, you're ready to leave it behind.

Jupiter in Sagittarius begins on Nov. 8 2018 and lasts until Dec. 2 2019. Lucky for us, Sagittarius is Jupiter's ruling zodiac sign, and for the next year, Jupiter will be working more brightly and brilliantly than it has in ages. Make no mistake: This is the year you've been waiting for.

Rising Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light

If the past year has been a tour through your own darkness, it's certainly no coincidence. Jupiter has been in transformative Scorpio since Oct. 10 2017, and if it feels as though you've been rocking back and forth between emotional extremes all year long, then you know those growing pains were real. After all, Scorpio is deeply sensitive, hopelessly strategic, and constantly gripped by a slow-burning passion. It does not give trust easily, nor does it immediately look on the bright side.

The contrast between Scorpio and Sagittarius is as clear as night and day. While Scorpio holds a grudge, Sagittarius lets it go. While Scorpio obsesses over one thing, Sagittarius loves the big picture. When Jupiter shifts into its ruling zodiac sign, Jupiter will open wide the way it was intended to. Ready to be blessed by cosmic grace? You've certainly earned it.

Sprouting Wings And Flying Away

Jupiter is our positive, inspiring, and motivational teacher. As it makes its way through all 12 signs in the zodiac wheel, it takes us all through major periods growth, encouraging us to enjoy life and learn in the process. While in Sagittarius, the possibilities are truly endless. This mutable fire sign has a creative hunger that can never be satiated. It looks at life like the greatest adventure, one that would be a shame to waste. For Sagittarius, the colors are more vivid, the music is louder, and even the food is more delicious. Prepare for your experiences to feel that much more amazing.

It's time to take a leap of faith and take a chance on something new. Don't just step outside of your comfort zone; skyrocket out of it.

The World Is Bigger Than You Thought Possible

Sagittarius is known for its open-mindedness and fascination with everything the world has to offer. When Jupiter enters this tolerant and forgiving zodiac sign, a period of cultural exchange begins. It's a time to bridge the gap that separates us all and learn from each other. Instead of looking at everyone with distrustful and fearful eyes, our perspective will shift to something far more positive. Our differences are what makes us beautiful and we all realize that we're a lot more alike than we think.

Make sure to spend Jupiter in Sagittarius traveling the world, meeting new people, learning new things, and reaching for the stars. The world is brimming with opportunities. All it's waiting for is you to take advantage of them.