JuneShine's new Cran Apple Cinnamon Hard Kombucha is a fall twist on a summer sip.

This Apple Cinnamon Hard Kombucha Is The Perfect Transitional Sip From Summer To Fall

Courtesy of JuneShine

When it comes to fall, pumpkin spice gets all the glory, but believe it or not, there's more to be had during the season than PSLs. And San Diego-based brewery JuneShine is here to remind you of the other tastes you'll crave this autumn, in the form of a new hard kombucha flavor. The company might be best known for its summery sips, but JuneShine's new Cran Apple Cinnamon Hard Kombucha is here to give you a reason to crack open a can even as sweater weather arrives.

JuneShine launched the fall flavor on Monday, Sept. 28, and it'll help you keep your boozy kombucha cravings covered even in the cold weather. (If you're not yet craving boozy kombucha, this flavor just might change that.) Unlike many of the company's seasonal summer flavors, this new fall offering will pay homage to the coldest months of the year with a mix of apples and cranberries, as well as notes of cinnamon. According to the JuneShine website, it's also made with honey, green tea, cane sugar, and jun kombucha. Similar to its summery counterparts, the Cran Apple Cinnamon Hard Kombucha has a 6% ABV, and is gluten-free and organic.

The new sip is available at select retailers for $5.99 per single-serve 16-ounce can. If you live in Oregon, California, or Nevada, you can order it online for home delivery. Don't worry about needing to stock up before the end of the season, because even though this sip is bursting with fall flavors, it'll be available year-round.

Courtesy of JuneShine

If you're not familiar with JuneShine, the brand is known for donating a portion of its profits to worthy causes. This fall, JuneShine will be donating 4% of all Cran Apple Cinnamon sales to the nonprofit organization Protect Our Winters. The charity works with people from across the political spectrum to advance policies which will help protect against climate change. As a nod to this, each of the cans include an illustration of a colorful mountain range made by pro skier and filmmaker Chris Benchetler.

If you decide to purchase your new kombucha in stores, you'll want to keep in mind the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Sept. 11. When coming into contact with others, wear a face mask, try to stay at least six feet from others as much as possible, and sanitize your hands after touching the packaging.

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