These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week, But Here's The Upside

When the full moon in Sagittarius brightened our world last week, it also released some intense energy that has long been lying dormant, hidden, and waiting to reveal an unavoidable truth. Perhaps the realizations involved immediately brought clarity to your world. Maybe it'll take some more time to piece together a cohesive image that makes sense. If you're feeling confused, lost, or exhausted, you're not the only one, because as of June 4, 2018, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Scorpio, and Pisces.

If your zodiac sign made the list this week, you should take it more as a compliment than an insult. While you may experience inner turmoil, the planets are entrusting you with a big opportunity for growth. Right now, these three zodiac signs are taking the center stage. The pain, distrust, and nervousness they may feel while trying to navigate their way through such responsibility is what's expanding their world into something larger.

The planetary aspects this week are by no means easy. Truth be told, every single zodiac sign will be affected by them. While we all have to stay strong and work hard in spite of the curveballs thrown our way, it is the Gemini, Scorpio, and Pisces that will experience the biggest brunt of the intensity. Now, without further ado: Bring. It. On.

Gemini: You Might Have A Serious Identity Crisis

With the sun and Mercury, your ruling planet, currently lighting up your first house of the self, you're being electrified by strengthening energy. However, when these two planets form a conjunction this week, you'll become deeply concerned with your identity and the way that you communicate your truth to others. The fact that Mercury and Neptune will later form a square just adds distortion to your already irrational nervousness about yourself. If you find yourself feeling insecure about who you are, remember that not everything you believe is reality. This week, beware of being too hard on yourself. You're more beautiful than you think.

This last quarter moon in Pisces occurs in your 10th house of social status, inevitably pouring creativity into your career, but also, bringing a haze of confusion over what your next move is. Instead of worrying so much, dedicate yourself to something creative and whimsical instead.

Scorpio: You May Be Learning Some Difficult Lessons

The sun and Mercury form a conjunction in one of your most complex astrological houses of all: The eighth house of death, rebirth, and transformation. You may be receiving some painful energy that's putting you through the works. However, it's allowing you to shed your old skin and grow a new one. If it feels like everything is coming to an end at once, it's only because you're meant to rise from the ashes and become something far more powerful.

When the last quarter moon in Pisces sparkles in your fifth house of pleasure, you may find comfort in the changes that are taking shape all around you. You're a fixed sign by nature, but that doesn't mean you don't take joy in being brought closer to the place you're meant to be. In spite of any difficulties you may be faced with, you'll find pockets of exhilaration.

Pisces: Your Mind Might Take You To Some Dark Places

Your fourth house of family and core values is receiving exaggerated attention this week from the sun conjunct Mercury. You may feel like getting in touch with your family members, delving deep into your native fibers, and perhaps having a conversation with them about your current truth. However, with the sun squaring off Neptune, your ruling planet, you may have trouble understanding what your truth actually is. Neptune tends to skew the truth with fictional concepts and hypotheticals. Make sure you're facing the facts for what they are rather than allowing your mind to get the best of you.

With the last quarter moon occurring in your sign, you may experience revelations about where you're meant to be and what choices you should make next. Some of these revelations may feel confusing at first but it will all make sense eventually.