Change Is Coming For These Zodiac Signs This Week, So Get Ready

Is it full moon time already? I can barely keep up with the ceaselessly shifting phases of the lunar cycle, but there's something so groundbreaking about the full moon that you can't help but stop and notice. Since it's the celestial body that rules over your heart, a full moon tends to ignite an intensely emotional response. This is when the moon is opposite the sun, sifting through the superficial and re-discovering what's deep. This is part of the reason why June 17, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, because it has a lot to do with how spiritually sensitive they'll feel. However, being sensitive doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact, it can be very rejuvenating if you practice some self-care and look within.

Speaking of the moon, it's time to celebrate all the moon children you know, because as of June 21, the sun will enter Cancer and launch the beginning of the summer season. This will inevitably make you feel more emotional, intuitive, empathetic, and of course, moody. Focus on loving and caring for one another, as this is the Cancer way. However, you've probably been feeling the effects of Cancer season leaking through the cosmos due to the fact that Mercury and Mars have already been traveling through this sign. As of this week, Mercury and Mars will form a powerful conjunction, intensifying your primal urges. However, this conjunction will oppose Pluto, planet of transformation, power struggles, and obsession. This could bring a beautiful idea to completion. Or it could allow a bad idea to fester.

If you've got your sun or rising sign in Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, here's why this week might be difficult:

Aries: There Could Be Big Changes Happening At Home

Mars and Mercury are forming a pact and may be stirring some chaos in your fourth house of home and family. Since this has everything to do with what you care about most, problems in this department tend to take your life for a spin. When these planets form an opposition to Pluto this week, everything that needs changing will come to light. This transit could create some arguments or vulnerable moments, so focus on how you can improve your situation.

Luckily, your full moon experience will be a beautiful one, as it takes place in your ninth house of adventure and philosophy. This will keep everything in perspective.

Leo: You're Feeling More Sensitive To External Vibrations

Once Cancer season begins, so does the sun's dark and mystical tour through your 12th house of spirituality and solitude. You may find yourself retreating from the world and wanting to insulate yourself in some privacy. Use this time to concentrate on who you are when you're alone and how you use that alone time to your own benefit. Let's not forget a Mercury-Mars conjunction will also take place in your 12th house while it opposes Pluto, a planet notorious for revealing the truth. Expect secrets to arise.

Don't let this stress you out, because you're gonna love this full moon, which takes place in your passionate and creative fifth house of fun and pleasure.

Capricorn: You Might Feel Like You're Alone With Your Struggle

There's a strong chance you've had a deeply spiritual year so far, since Jupiter has been expanding in your 12th house of the subconscious. This has been healing you behind the scenes, in a way that might make you feel like you've been on your own. Make sure to stay grounded and connected to reality, because your imagination may get the best of you this week when Jupiter forms a square with Neptune, planet of distortion.

There is a chance for some deep healing in your relationships this week, if you choose to be constructive rather than defensive. A Mars-Mercury conjunction in your seventh house of partnerships opposes transformative Pluto, which happens to be in Capricorn right now. Let this heal wounds and strengthen bonds.