The Week Of July 29 Will Be The Absolute Worst For These 3 Zodiac Signs

You're overcoming a significantly difficult period in astrology and this week, you might still feel exhausted from all the emotional work you've been doing. Cancer season has come and gone, but with all the tears shed over the course of two life-altering eclipses, it makes sense if you're still feeling sensitive. Things are slowly but surely beginning to look up, so don't take it too personally when I say July 29, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs. The transformations that took place over the past few weeks will reach a conclusion in the next six months. Keep looking forward, but know that if you were born with your sun or rising sign in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you'll likely feel more stressed out than usual this week.

Eclipse season was a time of abrupt change that had the capacity to shake things up completely. You could say you're still experiencing some aftershocks after the cosmic earthquake, so to speak. On July 29, the sun will form a square with erratic and rebellious Uranus, which can instigate unpredictable behavior. You may be striving for independence right now and taking drastic measures to make that happen. When Venus — planet of love and friendship — later forms a square with Uranus on Aug. 2, this unreliable energy will likely affect your relationships. The only thing you can do is expect others to be more insubordinate and capricious during this time.

However, there is one beautiful thing happening this week. On July 31, Mercury will officially station direct, putting this nasty and bewildering retrograde to rest. Although you'll still be in the post-retrograde shadow, the confusion will slowly begin to dissipate.

Here's what the following signs have in store:

Yakov Knyazev/Stocksy

Taurus: Your Home Life Could Be A Source Of Worry This Week

If you're feeling like a hermit this week, it's no wonder. The sun and Venus are both warming up your fourth house of home and family, which is making you feel more like cozying up in your safe space than adventuring about. This is a beautiful time to tend to your emotional core and rediscover a sense of peace and safety in your world.

With that being said, the sun and Venus are both forming a square with Uranus this week, which could create discord and unexpected conflict at home. Try not to rely on your comforts too deeply. Instead, learn how to find comfort in the face of adversity.

Virgo: You May Feel Spiritually Shaken And Uncomfortable

You're feeling very private and secretive lately with the sun and Venus in your 12th house of spirituality. All this means is you're more connected to the spiritual subconscious rather than material reality as of late, and while this can be beautiful and dreamy, you may feel disconnected from the task at hand. Spend some time indulging in solitude.

However, let's not forget the sun and Venus are both forming a square with Uranus, which could lead to disruptive revelations. Expect unpredictable thoughts to invade your subconscious and for repressed memories to resurface.

Capricorn: You're Going Through An Intense Transformation

You're coming away from a deeply challenging lunar eclipse that is pushing you into the future and encouraging you to let go of your past self. None of this is easy, especially now that the sun and Venus are both in your eighth house of transformation and shared resources. You're deciding what to sacrifice and what to keep in your life. This journey is far from over.

With both the sun and Venus forming a square with Uranus this week, you can expect a few abrupt endings and strange new beginnings to unfold. The cosmos are quite unpredictable as of now and these changes are about to rock you on a deep level.