The Week Of July 15 Will Make These Zodiac Signs Feel So Proud

I'm sure you've heard so many terrifying things about eclipses. Since this July is compromised of both a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse, I'm sure you've been girding your loins for what's to come. But here's the deep dark truth: There's no reason to fear an eclipse. Even though these life-changing events have the power to totally rearrange reality as you know it, there's nothing an eclipse can't do that wasn't already part of your destiny. Keep this in mind when I say July 15, 2019 will be the best week for these zodiac signs, because chances are, they'll be spared from a lot of the transformative drama.

Speaking of eclipses, a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn will take place on July 16, evoking major changes in your career, public life, and overall perspective of what you're ambitious about. Even though this eclipse will affect everyone on a global scale, you might not feel it as personally if you've got your sun or rising sun in Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio. While everyone around you (namely those with cardinal zodiac signs as their major placements) might be feeling afflicted by growing pains, you might feel as though everything is smooth sailing.

However, don't start thinking there might not be bumps in the road. July is still a super intense month whether the eclipse is affecting you or not. After all, you've got Mercury retrograde re-entering Cancer on July 19, turning up the volume on the emotional volatility and moodiness. Prepare to feel overly sensitive and easily confused by what's real and what's not. Try your best to separate fact from fiction.

Luckily, these zodiac signs won't have it nearly as bad and here's why:

Taurus: You're Realizing Just How Big And Beautiful The World Is

This lunar eclipse is taking place in your ninth house of adventure and wisdom, which will only leave you with a more expansive vision of your reality. Narrow-minded thinking be gone, it's time for you to look closely at all the many possibilities presented to you. There is a journey that awaits and it can only be found if you let go of your need for predictability.

However, there's a chance you might not even feel the intense shift of the lunar eclipse. Being a fixed sign, you're not being affected as deeply as other signs. The universe my unfold for you without you even realizing it.

Leo: You're Catching A Major Break From The Stress Of It All

If the past few weeks have been one long tunnel of confusion, fear not. Mercury retrograde is officially leaving behind Leo this week and re-entering Cancer, which means that much of this transit's debilitating effects will be redirected away from you.

It's time to breathe deep and take a step back from the hustle and bustle. Mercury retrograde is now swirling through your 12th house of spirituality, which can make you feel like crawling into your shell. Don't push and punish yourself when your energy levels are low. You're processing some intense spiritual information right now. Rest is required.

Scorpio: You're In The Mood To Express Your Inner Truth

Since you're a fixed sign, this lunar eclipse will be nowhere near as dramatic as what you're accustomed to. Luckily, all it's doing is encouraging you to communicate more freely and learn more about the world around you. In fact, it might even bring on a surge of energy that helps you tackle your goals and sort through lingering issues. It's time to bridge the gap and allow nothing to be left unsaid.

Don't worry about some intense transformation befalling you. You may be a phoenix who has no problem with creation and destruction, but now, all you have to do is let go and be patient.