Jordyn Woods' Quotes About Kylie Jenner Make The Latest Drama Even More Heartbreaking

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Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner have been best friends for years. But their friendship appears to be on the rocks, ever since TMZ reported on Tuesday, Feb. 19 that Woods reportedly hooked up with Tristan Thompson, the father of Jenner's sister Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True Thompson. Elite Daily reached out to Woods and Thompson's teams for comment but did not hear back. Looking back, Jordyn Woods’ quotes about Kylie Jenner make this drama even more tragic and painful to hear.

The Kardashian sisters have held nothing back in their contempt for Woods and their anger about this cheating scandal. But until now, we haven't heard Woods' side of the story. Woods sat down with longtime family friend Jada Pinkett Smith on her Facebook Live show Red Table Talk to discuss what she says really happened on Sunday, Feb. 17., the night in question. Woods claims that Thompson kissed her on the lips on her way out of the party, but she denies giving him a lap dance or sleeping with him. Elite Daily reached out to Thompson's team for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication. Her biggest mistake, she said, was not telling the Kardashians sooner that Thompson had kissed her that night.

For nearly a decade, Woods and Kylie have had so much love between them that they're practically sisters. Until recently, Woods has even been living in Jenner's guest house. Seeing these quotes, it's hard not to feel sad for everyone hurt in this debacle, and to wonder whether things can ever be the same again.

Their friendship goes way back.

... whether we like it or not we're stuck together forever

Back in 2017, Woods 'grammed this selfie of her and Kylie hanging out along with a caption stating that they'd be friends through thick and thin. Now looking back, this caption didn't age so well.

Woods knows her former BFF is a boss.

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She works very hard ... When we were younger, she was always waking up early and going to work and never giving up on what she was doing.

In a 2016 interview with Cosmopolitan, Woods gushed about Kylie's commitment to her business. She said Kylie had helped her become more comfortable and confident in the public eye.

She was Kylie's permanent third wheel.

I kind of become an extended leg of their relationship, whoever she's with.

The besties gushed to E! in 2017 about how Woods is basically part of every relationship Kylie is in, and the men in Kylie's life just have to accept this.

She supported Kylie during her pregnancy.

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It’s just a whole new experience. It’s something you never have gone through, but you figure it out as you go. I think that it takes a really strong woman to carry a child.

Woods told People last year that she was amazed and inspired by how her BFF was handling her pregnancy. Woods was even featured in the video tribute Kylie and Travis Scott made for her daughter.

Your growth and maturity over this time never failed to amaze me. So excited for this new addition!

On Instagram, Woods posted a pic of her at Kylie's baby shower and wished her bestie nothing but the very best as a new mom.

There might not be anymore love between them.

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The arms that I thought would be around me are nowhere to be found.

Woods told Pinkett Smith on March 1 that she was feeling alone in the midst of the cheating scandal headlines. While this doesn't specifically mention Jenner, we can assume she's really missing her best friend. During one of the darkest periods of her life, her BFF isn't there to comfort her.