John Krasinski Upset A Customs Agent While Visiting Emily Blunt & The Story Is Hilarious

by Karen Ruffini

I love John Krasinski. Maybe it's because I'm an Office fanatic, or maybe it's because he's just adorable AF (it's probably a hearty mixture of both, if I'm being honest). It doesn't hurt that he's hysterical, and that his relationship with his wife, actress Emily Blunt, is the ultimate #couplegoals. But there's one person in the world who isn't all that happy about their relationship, and apparently, he's a London customs agent with a chip on his shoulder. The reason we know this? Because John Krasinski shared a story about visiting Emily Blunt on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it will leave you crying from laughing so hard.

So, here's what happened: John Krasinski went on Fallon on Tuesday, April 3. When Fallon asked about how his wife, Emily Blunt, is doing, the audience started applauding, because hello, the lady is actual perfection and deserves a standing ovation if you ask me.

"That reaction means I married up, and don't I know it," Krasinski said. Fallon cut him off, trying to say that's not true, but Krasinski chimed back in, saying, "They don't have to tell me — the customs agent in London did."

And so our story begins.

Krasinski explained how he was constantly flying back and forth to the UK to visit his wife while she was filming. "I don't know if you know, but Emily just shot a movie, it's a small indie called Mary Poppins," he joked (God, I love this man). He continued, saying, "And I went to visit her all the time, almost every weekend."

Flying to the UK every weekend? That's true love right there. I can barely get people who live around the block to come hang out with me, so, you know.

It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine.

Anyway, Krasinski said that it was all going well, until a London customs agent decided to throw him some shade.

"It was going great, the customs, the whole experience. And then I hit this guy who was about my age. He looked like he was ready to get a little surly with me," Krasinski said.

"And he said, 'It says here that you're an actor. Would I know you from anything?' And I went, 'You know, we redid the U.K. version of The Office,'" Krasinski said. "Strike one! He was like, 'Oh, you took what we did perfect.'"

TBH, the U.S. version of The Office slays, but I guess that's none of my business.

So, this customs agent was already not impressed with Krasinski, but it was when the agent realized who Krasinski is married to that things started to really go south.

"And then he says, 'Who are you visiting here?' And I was like, 'My wife.' He says, 'Oh, is she an actress? Would I know her?' And I said, 'I don't know man, her name's Emily Blunt.' And he goes like this, 'You?!"

I mean, is it really that hard to believe?

Krasinski told the customs agent that, yep, Emily Blunt was his wife. In a state of disbelief, the customs agent then said, "You married Emily Blunt? Go. Just go,'" while angrily stamping his papers and pushing him through.

You have to watch the story unfold below, because Krasinski is basically the best damn storyteller you'll ever have the pleasure of watching:

Ugh, see? If you didn't believe me before about Krasinski and Blunt being pretty much perfect for each other, you do now.

You know how the saying goes: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a creepy, horrifying film you star in together. True, unadulterated love right there.

Long live John. Long live Emily.

And also, long live Jim Halpert.

Sorry, not sorry, London customs agent.