Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Body Language In The "Sucker" Music Video Is So Totally Hot

If you’re reading this, congratulations! It means you’ve finally been able to break away from watching the Jonas Brothers’ new video “Sucker” over and over again on repeat (I know that can’t just be me) long enough to read about it. Hey, I don’t blame you. That song is a bop and the costumes and setting are everything. It’s practically hypnotic. Making it even more compelling is that we also get a peek at Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's body language in the "Sucker" video, thanks to the brothers’ excellent decision to include their leading ladies as, well, the leading ladies of the video.

Not only do we get some long, long, long awaited new music from the brothers, but the anticipation of their impending nuptials is at an all-time high since the couple announced that they set a date! They are due to wed this summer and I’m not ashamed to admit I’m fairly obsessed with them at the moment. So, to dig a little deeper in the meantime and see what hints we can find about this couple’s dynamic, I reached out to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, to ask what she sees between this couple in the video during the handful of moments we can watch them interacting. Here is what she had to say.

Carrying her over the threshold.

The video opens with the couples heading into a flossy mansion and Joe opts to carry Sophie over the threshold, which is extra cute considering they will be walking down the aisle so soon and, in this move, Brown sees a couple that really has a great time together. “He's carrying her over the threshold. It shows chivalry and control. And she's having so much fun with it! It must really be working for them,” she tells Elite Daily.

2. Wrapped up in each other.

Later in the video, we see Joe swinging Sophie around, while she wraps her legs around him. Brown notes that this pose shows a lot of intimacy and chemistry. “Well, isn't this sexy?! With contact in their sensitive areas like this and her legs wrapped around him, there's no question that they're hot for each other and are OK being really intimate in public,” explains Brown. “She's fully depending on him for support. Very similar to him carrying her over the threshold!”

Their eye contact is fire.

Several times throughout the video, Joe and Sophie share prolonged eye contact, which Brown points out is a sign of comfort and intimacy. “They're looking each other in the eye, which is hard to do at close range if you're not really intimate,” she explains.

Having fun and getting flirty.

What really stands out to Brown in this clip is how much fun these two seem to have with one another, which bodes well for their connection. “Looks like they're keeping the energy together going and clowning around together while they dance,” says Brown.

They’re totally hot for one another.

In this final scene, the couple’s chemistry really comes into view for Brown. “This is a much hotter dance because they seem to be dancing for each other — looking each other straight in the eye — like everything else is melting away around them,” says Brown. “It's a quick clip, but this is by far the hottest moment in the video.”

Overall, Brown sees a couple that truly enjoys being around one another. While the video is scripted, she sees a core energy there that feels authentic. “It seems like they are having lots of fun together. I'm betting that lots of this energy carries over into their relationship!,” she concludes. I think the takeaway here is that, if what we are seeing in this video is accurate, then this is a couple that has everything it takes to go the distance — and that the band needs to put out a new album right now!

Victoria Wanken/Elite Daily