Jennifer Lopez Revealed The 4 Major Things In Her Routine That Help Her Feel Her Best

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez seems like the kind of woman who has her life pretty figured out. She knows how to maintain a demanding, yet incredibly successful career, being a mom to two adorable kids, and she still makes sure to take care of herself. Of course, J.Lo is a celebrity, so you might attribute all of this to the very likely possibility of her having a whole team of people to help steer the ship, so to speak. Even if that's true, though, the foundations of Jennifer Lopez's wellness routine are pretty accessible to anyone, celebrity or otherwise.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, J.Lo shared some of the major ways in which she takes care of herself so she can feel her best, regardless of how hectic her schedule may get. And no, diamond facials and fancy spa trips are not included in Lopez's general wellness routine, as far as I know anyway. Rather, the singer's approach to taking care of herself is refreshingly simple and straightforward: She told PEOPLE it's all about "trying to live a healthy lifestyle." After all, she is still "Jenny from the Block," deep down.

But listen, friends: With 2019 creeping around the corner, J.Lo's tips are exactly the kind of super simple, yet extremely beneficial habits you can work into your own everyday routine without too much trouble. So, as you make your way into the new year, ask yourself: What would J.Lo do? Here are four things she'd probably suggest for your own wellness routine.

Drinking Lots of Water

So necessary, and yet so easy to forget. The human body needs H2O for, well, more or less all of its basic functions, meaning it's 100 percent necessary to replenish your supply on the reg. J.Lo told PEOPLE that hydration is definitely one of her top wellness priorities, and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that had something to do with how radiant her skin always looks. Like, damn, girl.

BTW, J.Lo's not the only who wants to keep her water bottle filled to the brim at all times. A recent survey from the wellness platform BodyNutrition asked 500 Americans about their New Year's resolutions, and found that 154 respondents are looking to prioritize their H2O consumption going into 2019. Yay, hydration!

Mixing Up Workouts

No shocker here, but Lopez apparently dances a whole lot for her workouts, according to PEOPLE. However, she also told the outlet that she likes to mix it up every now and then to keep things challenging, so she'll sometimes add in circuit training, weightlifting, and even some calming yoga, too, as per the magazine.

Getting Plenty of sleep

How J.Lo does this is perhaps a bit of a mystery, considering how busy her schedule must be, but the singer told PEOPLE that she tries to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night, and as much as 10 or 11 hours on her days off. Same, girl. Sleep is where it's at. This next year should be filled with all the cozy nights, and letting yourself stay in bed all day on Saturday.

Keeping Things Spiritual

Lopez apparently practices meditation pretty regularly, according to PEOPLE, and she told the magazine she's all about positive affirmations and keeping up with her own sense of spirituality and gratitude. She said,

I’ll go outside and open up my arms to the universe, to the heavens, to God.

Ultimately, though, it's all about balance for J.Lo: "I'm just trying to take care for myself," the singer told the magazine.

I'd say she's doing a pretty damn good job, wouldn't you?