Jeni's White House Chocolate Chip ice cream will be available starting Jan. 21.

You Can Actually Try Biden's Favorite Ice Cream With This New Flavor From Jeni's

Courtesy of Jeni's

President Joe Biden began his first full day as commander-in-chief on Thursday, Jan. 21, and to celebrate the new president whose been pretty vocal about his love of ice cream, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is rolling out a brand new flavor. Whether you're team chocolate or vanilla, Jeni’s White House Chocolate Chip Ice Cream flavor for President Biden's inauguration promises to give customers the best of both worlds, with bits of chocolate-covered waffle cones embedded in scoops of sweet vanilla ice cream. Here's what to know about the new offering, which is inspired by the very first ice cream President Biden had at Jeni's.

Starting Thursday, Jan. 21, in scoop shops and online, ice cream stans can enjoy a sweet confection that's fit for the White House. White House Chocolate Chip, which is described on its packaging as "like a double scoop of chocolate chip on a waffle cone," pays homage to the former vice president's first taste of the Columbus, Ohio-based ice cream company in 2012. While owner Jeni Britton Bauer told Biden during that first meeting that he was "in the wrong place for chocolate chip" when he requested the flavor, that's not the case nine years later. To commemorate President Biden's first visit to Jeni's flagship store, the company will be offering an elevated version of the classic.

Along with scoops of sweet vanilla ice cream, the White House Chocolate Chip blend incorporates crunchy chocolate flakes and chunks of Jeni's famous chocolate-covered waffle cone for an indulgent treat that boasts plenty of texture and flavor. In short, it's probably unlike any chocolate chip ice cream you've ever had.

Back in January 2012, then-Vice President Biden first sampled a scoop of vanilla and dark chocolate on a waffle cone from Jeni's and fell in love with the company. He even joked on Instagram that the "performance enhancing" qualities of Jeni's Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks ice cream were responsible for his 2020 presidential debate performances.

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With Jeni's biggest fan now in the White House, the new celebratory ice cream flavor will sell in stores and online for $12 per pint for a limited time. You can also get scoops of the White House Chocolate Chip Ice Cream at Jeni's locations nationwide, with prices varying from $5 to $10, depending on how many scoops and add-ons you order.

When grabbing your pint of White House Chocolate Chip, you might want to consider ordering online or calling ahead at your closest scoop shop in accordance with the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Dec. 31, which cautions against unnecessary trips. If you do buy your ice cream at a Jeni's location, make sure to follow the chain's COVID-19 guidelines, wear a face mask, and practice social distancing as much as possible when ordering. You should also wash or sanitize your hands after handling any packaging and before digging into your sweet treat.

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