Jeffree Star Commented On Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories & People Were *Not* Here For It

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If 2019 is the year of beauty community drama, then it looks like things are right on track. ICYMI, YouTuber and beauty brand owner Jeffree Star's comments on Lady Gaga's Haus Laboratories line did not go over well with his fans, Lady Gaga's fans, or pretty much anyone else, and after a ton of Twitter backlash, Star has spoken up about the situation. Seriously, y'all, can't we all just get along and apply our makeup in peace and unity? Brands should really start selling kettles alongside their palettes and eyeliners, because the beauty industry tea is real.

Not familiar with Jeffree Star? It's OK, I understand that not everyone marathons YouTube videos the way I do. Star rose to fame as a MySpace cool kid slash musician years ago, and since then, the always-edgy, heavily tatted, Louis Vuitton-loving, self-described "alien" has made a name for himself on YouTube with over 15 million subscribers to his channel. Star also runs Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a beauty line inspired by his own bold, colorful makeup looks. And I'm not being dramatic when I say his liquid lipsticks first put the formula on the map. Sorry, Kylie.

Fast forward to now, and beauty lovers flock to Star for his iconic looks, his brand's innovative formulas, and his no-B.S., tell-it-like-it-is personality:

However, many were quick to call him out when he took to Twitter to throw shade at Lady Gaga and her new beauty brand, Haus Laboratories:

Here's the tea, sis. It all started when fans asked Star to review Haus Labs on his YouTube Channel, on which he's reviewed tons of celeb-owned brands, from Kylie Cosmetics to Fenty Beauty.

Star pointed out that he found it a little strange that Gaga's brand won't be shipping out products until September:

"It went on sale last night but they’re not shipping until September... Ummmm," tweeted Star. To be clear, Haus Labs isn't launching until September, but because the brand is exclusive to Amazon and Amazon Prime Day is the website's biggest day of sales, the line was available to pre-order this week, and customers were told upfront that their orders would not ship out until the official September launch date.

Many fans clapped back, annoyed that Star failed to acknowledge the pre-order status of the Amazon Prime Day launch:

However, some fans were quick to chalk it up to a misunderstanding. NBD, right?

And some pointed out why a long-term pre-order could be a good thing:

"Seems like a great way to judge how large of an initial batch they need to make while also building up hype for “launch” while ALSO being able to wait months for any potential reviews to negatively affect their sales," wrote one business-savvy Twitter user. Amen to that!

After lots of responses on Twitter, Star spoke up once again:

"I know what a PRE-ORDER is.. I just don’t like launches where we customers have to wait several months, the product should be available immediately when you’re at that level of success but that’s just my opinion," wrote Star. "Doesn’t mean I don’t love Gaga, take a deep breath!!!" he added. Since he has declared himself a Lady Gaga fan multiple times in the past, this much I believe to be true. All's well that ends well, and to the customers who don't want to order and wait a long time to receive product, as Star predicts, my advice is simple: Don't order until September. Problem solved. Now, let's get back to focusing on the makeup.