Jared Goff's Zodiac Sign Says Everything About What He's Like As A Boyfriend

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Football fans across the country are gearing up for the Super Bowl this Sunday, Feb. 3, and I'm doing what I do every year at this time — googling the quarterbacks for each team to find out everything I can about their personal lives. (Internet sleuthing is a sport, IMO.) While I already know a fair amount about the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, mostly about his gorge wife Gisele Bündchen, I'm starting from square one with the Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Jared Goff. And of course, I'm starting with looking into Jared Goff’s zodiac sign.

A California native, Goff was born on Oct. 14, 1994, which makes him both a Libra (Sep. 23 — Oct 22.) and one of the youngest quarterbacks to compete in a Super Bowl. (One of these facts is more significant to me and it's the first one.) At only 24 years old, Goff is leading the Rams in their first fight for Super Bowl glory since the franchise relocated to Los Angeles, so it's clear that this Libra is incredibly gifted on the field. But when it comes to personal and romantic relationships, let's dig into how Goff's zodiac sign could impact his, shall we say — performance?

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Libra is all about balance, stability, and justice, and is also emotional and deeply loyal. While a sign that values stability might be perceived as safe and traditional, Libra is actually quite daring. Libra can make bold and brave moves to advance towards their goals, but they'll absolutely have done the math beforehand to make sure their choices will pay off. There's no blindly leaping off the deep end for Libra, and this is also evident in the way they engage in their romantic relationships.

Libra loves being in a relationship, in fact — they have an inherent need for partnership. They're bold and capable, yet function even better as a dynamic duo instead of a solo act. When Libra is in a relationship, they prioritize the safety, happiness, and fulfillment of their partner over their own needs. They take pride in knowing their partner is content, and Libra seeks to form a lasting emotional connection.

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If there's anything to be wary of when considering a relationship with a Libra, it's to be mindful that they can tend to be a bit co-dependent. While they strive for an equal partnership with a solid emotional connection, Libra can have moments of clinginess, indecisiveness, and tend to avoid conflict. Although Libra values justice and equality (hello — they're symbolized by scales) they don't love confrontation.

When disagreements or conflict arises within a relationship, they prefer to avoid it entirely or say whatever they need to say to make it go away. To be in a relationship with a Libra is to be loved, cared for, and understood, but it also might require taking the reins when disagreements arise. Libra needs just a little nudge to address the conflict honestly, and then quickly seeks to set the scales even.

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All in all, Libra is one of the most romantic and mushy-hearted signs of the zodiac, and they work hard to make sure their relationships are balanced, with an equal give and take between partners. And while we don't know for sure if he's currently off the market, if he does in fact have a lady in his life, she's a lucky one! So, it seems that Libra truly is a team player, and loves to shine when those around them shine. With that being said, this Los Angeleno is really rooting for the Goff and the Rams to shine bright like a diamond this weekend!