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These 3 Signs Will Have Their Love Lives Sprinkled With Passion This Week

There's nothing like checking your horoscope and seeing that good things are headed your way. While astrology can be a tool for self-improvement and self-analysis, there's certainly nothing wrong with the way it can brighten your day and give you something to look forward to. Speaking of something to look forward to, January 27, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces. If you're feeling safe in your skin, tuned in to your creativity, and open to romance of all kinds, it's no wonder.

Venus — planet of love and friendship — is currently swimming in the mystical waters of sensitive, spiritual, and compassionate Pisces. When Venus is in Pisces, everyone's edges become more softened while kindness soars and coldness fades away. It's time to open your heart and feel, especially when Venus and compassionate Neptune form a conjunction on Jan. 27. Let this deepen your friendships, sprinkle a little passion into your love life, and remind you of why you're so damn lucky to be alive. If you weren't, you wouldn't get to experience everything your heart has to offer.

When Venus connects with deep and passionate Pluto on Feb. 2, you will feel inspired to be honest with your loved ones, helping you commit to being the best friend, lover, and family member you can be. Plus, if you're sick of "situationships" and the finicky nature of dating apps, Venus sextile Pluto is the perfect time to forge a relationship that is meaningful and long lasting. Just make sure you're seeing the object of your desire truthfully, for Neptune has the power to skew your vision from reality.


Libra: Your Creative Juices Are Flowing And It Feels So Good

You're in the midst of one of the most exciting times of your entire year, Libra. The sun is in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, making this the perfect time to create art, fall in love, and do everything that makes you feel joy in the most limitless, uninhibited sense. This week, work on healing your inner child. You never truly grow up and let go of what made you happy as a kid; you merely learn how to repress it for the sake of adult expectations. Let go and set yourself free.

Aquarius: You're Embracing Your Confidence And Power

Happy birthday, Aquarius. You've made it to your solar return and you've got so much to show for it. Think about all the ways you've grown over the past year. Even if you wish there were things you could have done differently, it's time to honor all the accomplishments you've made, no matter how small. By showing yourself gratitude, you're only preparing yourself for an even more powerful year ahead. Act as if you're living your dream and you most certainly will. Let confidence and abundance lead the way.

Pisces: You're Attracting So Much Attention And Love

You get all the treats when you're in the midst of your Venus return, Pisces. This is the planet of romance, beauty, and luxury I'm talking about here. When it's in your first house of the self, it's as if you're radiating charm, gorgeousness, and affection. If everyone is scrambling to be your best friend or take you out on a date, it's no wonder. Embrace it, because you deserve all the attention in the world. Remember, the way you treat yourself is teaching others how to treat you.