Selena Gomez Shared The Lyrics To "Wolves" & Now Fans Think It's About The Weeknd

by Laura Rizzo
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Selena Gomez released the lyrics to her newest single "Wolves" and it's only made the world more excited for the actual release. The biggest surprise was that the song is so, so romantic. The lyrics are all about falling in love and searching for your perfect mate which is leading fans to ask, "Is 'Wolves' about The Weeknd?" Totally understandable question.

Although the full song isn't released, the lyrics definitely point to Gomez's very public boyfriend. According to the early preview, the "Wolves" lyrics say,

I've looked for love in every stranger
Took too much to ease the anger
all for you, yea all for you
I've been running through the jungle
I've been crying with the wolves
to get to you, oh to get to you

"Wolves" will be the the third single Gomez releases this year. The collaboration with music producer and DJ Marshmello had fans double excited for the drop. The fact that "Wolves" could also be about The Weeknd may be too much for the internet to handle.

It's totally possible the super sexy lyrics could be about the "Starboy" singer.

Your fingertips trace my skin
to places I have never been
Blindly I am following

Although they weren't linked romantically until January of 2017, Gomez and The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) met when they both performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2015. He was dating Bella Hadid at the time, so their first encounter probably wasn't love at first sight.

However, "Bad Liar," which was released earlier this year, is also about catching feelings. Pattern? Maybe so. Gomez hinted that "Bad Liar" is about catching feelings for The Weeknd. In an interview with the Miami Power 96 radio station, she explained that "Bad Liar" is about the feelings you get when you first meet someone and you're immediately into them. The singer said,

It kind of tells a story. It's that feeling when you're obsessed with someone, when you first initially, I always say the 'honeymoon stage,' and I'm a sucker for that feeling. It's the best feeling in the whole world. I think that feeling, you can't get them out of your head, you're willing to want to dress differently, you want to be differently. It's not what I'm encouraging, it's more about that feeling that you can't keep it cool.

She revealed the song was written about a year ago, leaving people to question whether it was about The Weeknd, since they've been dating for less than a year. But when you consider the fact that they met in 2015, it's totally believable that she had a thing for him from the beginning and was keeping those feelings on the back burner since he wasn't single.

"Wolves" seems like Gomez and The Weeknd are definitely past catching feelings. With lyrics like,

I've been down the darkest alleys
Saw the dark side of the moon
to get to you, to get to you

...They're in deep. Like, real love stuff. Do you think Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are in actual love? OMG, MY HEART COULDN'T HANDLE IT IF I KNEW.

One to love and one to lose
Sweet divide, a heavy truth
Water or wine, don't make me choose
I wanna feel the way that we did that summer night
Drunk on a feeling, alone with the stars in the sky

Basically, this song is the most romantic thing ever. While there were all sorts of rumors going around about what "Wolves" could be about (including an intimate look at Gomez's battle with lupus), I'm pleasantly surprised it's a love song.

We have the cover art and the lyrics — I'm ready for the actual song now. SO, SO SOON.

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