Is There A Best Nine 2019 App? You Have A Couple Options

You Can Easily Find Your Instagram Best Nine With These 2 Apps

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Now that 2019 is drawing to a close, it's time to relive your year in photos. It's been a year since you last downloaded your annual photo collage, so you might be wondering if there is a Best Nine app for 2019. Ready your feed, because Best Nine is back, and you have a couple of options to create your own.

You might be inclined to search the Instagram app for a way to find your top photos from the year, but Instagram Best Nine isn't actually created with the IG app. Instead, you have a couple third-party apps available to use. Thankfully, they're both free and will easily create your Best Nine photo collage.

The two most popular apps as defined by looking at the most number of reviews in the App Store are Top Nine and Best Nine. Top Nine updated its app for 2019 in late November, and the Best Nine app is currently generating 2019 Best Nine collages as well. Both apps will deliver similar — if not identical — collages, so either one should do the trick. There aren't many major divides between the apps, but you can take a look at the differences before you get started on your end-of-year collage.

Top Nine

If you choose to use Top Nine, it's available for download on Google Play or the App Store. It's also available via a web browser at Whichever you choose, the process is the same. Just type in your Instagram handle and then confirm your email address. The website will then send you your photo collage in an email to download, but the app offers the in-app function of sharing directly. However, if there are too many users trying to retrieve their collage in the app at once, yours will be generated with a slight delay and also sent via email. You can share your photo to Instagram straight from the app once it shows up. Top Nine has an option for editing your collage in the drop-down menu of its settings, but as of publication, the editing function isn't working. The app mentioned in its Nov. 29 press release that it will be working out bugs in the coming weeks, so you can check back at a later date to see if the editing function is up and running.

Top Nine

Top Nine explains that smaller accounts' collages are likely determined only by the number of likes on photos, but larger accounts' Top Nine collages are created with a complex algorithm that takes in to account factors like the number of comments on a pic.

Finally, iOS users can also create a video with the Top Nine app. Android users should have the capability soon.

Best Nine

To use Best Nine, go to Best Nine's website at on web browser or get the app in the App Store or Google Play.

Best Nine

Start by entering your IG username and then select 2019 as the year you want your collage from. Then, Best Nine will create your collage of your top photos from 2019, but you'll have the option to rearrange the placement of your photos before you share it. To do so, tap "Rearrange" and then swap the photos as you see fit. Finally, you can save or immediately share your collage. Best Nine doesn't clarify how it creates the collage, but it says it produces your top photos, which would likely include your most-liked photos. For an additional charge of 99 cents, you can customize the timeframe of your collage, and you can even chose an option that shows your top photos of all time. Best Nine also has a video option in the app for iOS and Android users, but it costs 99 cents to export.

With two trusty options for your end-of-year collage, it's time to start downloading and see which pics come out on top.