Here's How To Find Your 2019 Instagram Best Nine to share on your account.

Instagram Best Nine Is Back, & It's So Easy To Find Your Top Photos

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It's that time of year when your Instagram feed is filled with photo collages. Even though the end-of-year trend compiles your popular Instagram photos, you can't actually access it in the Instagram app. To find your top pics, here's a refresher on how to find your 2019 Instagram Best Nine.

Summing up your year in photos is a fun way to look back on all your best memories. To find your Best Nine for 2019, use one of the two most popular apps: Top Nine or Best Nine. Both of these apps are free and have physical websites and are also available in the App Store and Google Play.

To use the web version of Top Nine, go to If you prefer to go through the app, make sure it's updated. The process of getting your best photos of the year from Top Nine hasn't changed much from 2018. Once you open the app or go to the website, you'll be asked to enter your IG handle. Type it in and then confirm your email address. After you've confirmed, you'll receive an email with your Top Nine photo collage. With the app, you'll still get the email, but you will also see the collage in the app and can save it to your photos or instantly share it to Instagram. Top Nine doesn't only give you your most-liked photos, but the brand states in the app that the collage is based on a complex algorithm to represent your best moments from the year.

Top Nine

If you'd rather use Best Nine, go to in a web browser or open the app. Enter your Instagram username and wait for the prompt that will ask you which year you wish to choose. Click 2019 to create a summary collage of your most recent year in photos. The top photos from your year will appear, and you can rearrange the photos if you'd like. After choosing "Rearrange" in the app, move photos by dragging them to the desired spot. You can save your photo collage or instantly share it. If you prefer to select photos from a specific time period of the year, you're able to do that, by purchasing a custom range option for 99 cents. Best Nine doesn't state what algorithm its collage is based on, but both apps appear to choose the same top photos, so your collage should be accurate no matter which one you use.

Finally, you can also create a video of your Best Nine photos using either app. The Top Nine app offers a free video service for iOS app users, but Best Nine will charge you 99 cents to export your video in the app. With plenty of options to see your top photos from the year, it's time to add your collage to the end-of-year collection.