Selena Gomez's "Ring" Has Fans Wondering If Justin Proposed To Her

Axel Koester/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Selena Gomez just released her third studio album, Rare, on Jan. 10, and fans are dissecting every lyric. Although Gomez mostly turns things inward with songs about self-discovery and growth over the last four years, some songs definitely seem like they're about her famous exes. For example, "Ring" has fans talking for one huge reason: they think the song could be about Justin Bieber proposing to Selena Gomez at one point during their on-and-off relationship. (Gomez and Bieber's teams did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on the speculation.)

A day ahead of Rare's official release, Rare got leaked, sending Selenators into meltdown mode on Twitter. Some fans listened to the album early, while others opted to wait until midnight for the album's official drop. Either way, when Selenators finally listened to Gomez's highly-anticipated project, they had a lot of thoughts, to say the least. For starters, they think "Fun" is about Gomez's ex The Weeknd, who she dated from January 2017 to October 2017, because the lyrics allude to a fun, not-so-serious relationship Gomez had. If you remember, Gomez and The Weeknd shared major PDA with each other during their ten-month relationship. Gomez's relationship with Bieber, on the other hand, lasted on and off for nearly a decade from 2010 to 2018.

After Gomez shared her Rare tracklist on Dec. 12, fans assumed "Ring" was about Bieber possibly proposing to the songstress in the past when they were an item.

At some points in the song, it does seem like Gomez could be referring to one person in particular, like when she sings, "You all in your feelings, baby, all into me / I'm one in a billion, baby, don't you agree? / / Obviously, you know, I'm aware of that / I'm breakin' hearts like a heart attack / Got him right where the carat's at."

But, at other points, the lyrics seem more general. Gomez plays with the meaning of "ring" by sometimes referring to the physical object, while, at other times, talking about how she refuses to answer her calls.

"Wrapped 'round my finger like a ring, ring, ring/ They just like puppets on a string, string, string," Gomez sings, followed by, "I put it down, they call me up/ They doin' way too much/ So I'll just let it ring, ring, ring."

Digging deeper into where the Bieber proposal theories stemmed from, they seem to have originated from a fan edit on Twitter, which has accumulated over 100K retweets. The post made it seem like Gomez hinted "Ring" was about Bieber in the caption of an Instagram post. The caption read, "You could've bought a new ring for her," but the Instagram pictured in the post does not live on Gomez's Instagram and the quoted lyrics aren't actually in "Ring," so that post really had fans confused.

Now that "Rare" is finally here in its entirety, some fans still believe it hints that Bieber proposed to Gomez.

But other fans think the song isn't about how an ex proposed to her, but rather about how Gomez has her exes wrapped around her finger like a ring.

Gomez's lyrics are so mysterious and complex, but that's exactly what makes her album releases so exciting for them.