The 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Season 2 Teaser Has Fans Asking One Question About Pauly D


"Mr. and Mrs. Pauly D!" a voice announces on the new trailer for Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2. Um, is Pauly D married? A brief shot of a pair of hands at a what appears to be an Elvis impersonator-officiated wedding is shown in the clip, but I'm willing to bet the prank war champion has a joke up his T-shirt sleeve when it comes to these television nuptials.

"S*** gets real," the latest trailer also teases. There's a new baby for Ronnie, a pregnancy for Deena ("I'm pregnant!" she gleefully announces in the video), a slap in the face for Vinny, and a wedding to plan for Mike. Fans probably didn't expect Pauly D to get in on the "I do" action too, although it's pretty likely his situation isn't a legitimate one. The hands in question might just belong to his BFF Vinny, or at least Vin's female counterpart Victoria. Congrats to the happy couple?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 offially kicks off in less than a month on August 23 with a supersized two-hour premiere, so fans will know the truth about this myserious marriage soon. A portion of the season is set to take place in Las Vegas, so a King of Rock and Roll-themed ceremony — even if it's some sort of a gag — makes complete sense. Viva Las Jersey!

Details surrounding what to expect when Family Vacation returns are relatively slim, although Mike Sorrentino has already revealed that his own wedding prep will be featured on the series. Mike's heartfelt proposal to longtime love Lauren Pesce was a standout moment on the first season. Will the actual big day get screen time as well? According to Mike's twitter reply to a curious viewer, the hitch-uation is a possibility.

“I would have to say in the next couple of months, we’re planning to do the wedding along with season 2 — God willing,” Mike stated back in May. “We’re actually in the planning stages now.”

"We are excited to bring the fans along to see the wedding planning process," Mike told People earlier this month.

In addition to babies and weddings, MTV is hinting at the return of Angelina Pivarnick on the next installment of Family Vacation. The former cast member left early on both Seasons 1 and 2 of Jersey Shore and got the chance to reemerge in Miami for a surprising reunion. The Staten Island native has a history of clashing with her co-stars, but she ended up connecting with them amicably despite an unfortunate messy incident.

"I wanted to go and make amends because I really thought that there was a lot of unfinished business with me and the cast and the roommates. I just felt like there was a lot on my chest that I needed to get off, and it was eating up and away at me for all those years," Angelina explained to Us Weekly of her decision to go back to her reality roots.

Now that it's seemingly all good between her and the Jersey fam, perhaps audiences will see her again on Season 2. MTV mentioned "Angelina" in a tweet promoting the teaser. Anything is possible!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Part 2 premieres Thursday, August 23 on MTV.