Angelina Left The 'Jersey Shore' House With One Last "Dirty Little Hamster" Moment


She may have gotten the nice reconciliation with the rest of her Jersey Shore castmates that she has waited years for, but Angelina left the Jersey Shore Family Vacation house on a bit of a sour note. After partying hard for her last night in the house, Angelina may or may not have had an accident on the cab ride home, and it is all the house could talk about for the whole rest of the night. So, did Angelina poop her pants on Jersey Shore Family Vacation? Let's talk about the gross-out moment that took center stage in Thursday night's new episode.

Things were going surprisingly well for Angelina during her trip to the Jersey Shore Family Vacation house. After some blow-ups with Snooki and JWoww last week, Angelina and the rest of the cast were finally able to squash their eight years of beef from the first two seasons of Jersey Shore and start a new friendship. Although... the house was not fully ready to invite Angelina to stay for the rest of their Miami vacation just yet. At the end of last week's episode, everyone decided that it should be JWoww to ask that Angelina leave the house, citing that they would like to get to know the once-outcasted housemate away from the cameras before fully welcoming her back. When JWoww broke the news to Angelina, she took it surprisingly well and agreed to leave, but not before everyone decided to go out for a wild night at the club to celebrate Angelina's farewell. That's when things started to take a turn for the worse...

After getting completely wasted at the club, the guys and girls split up into cabs and headed home, but soon the girls' cab started smelling foul. Angelina first admitted to farting, but as the smell became more unbearable for JWoww, Snooki, and Deena, she worried that she may have gone further than just a fart.

When everyone got home, Angelina insisted that she did not poop her pants, but it was impossible to convince her housemates of that. She claimed that what she had experienced was something called a "period sh—," which nobody in the house was able to decipher. To top it all off, she decided it was a good idea to show everyone in the house her underwear so they could see for themselves that she had kept it clean. Yeah... that did not go great either. Vinny and Pauly just kept making "Staten Island dump" jokes over and over again, and Snooki and JWoww were too disgusted to even be in the room.

At the end of this whole saga, everyone in the house is convinced that Angelina has pooped her pants, but she herself still asserts that it didn't happen. What really results is Angelina worrying that she messed up her happy, peaceful goodbye with the cast, and that this whole controversy might undo all of the forgiveness and friendship that went on in her days at the house. Thankfully, it seems like everyone is able to just laugh about the gross incident in the morning and the boys even send her off by wrapping her luggage in trash bags, a tribute to how Angelina first entered the Jersey Shore house back in Season 1 of the show.

Angelina told Elite Daily that she really does think she has a better relationship with the rest of the Jersey Shore cast after her trip to Miami, and that the highlight of the whole situation was getting to get drunk and party with the people that she never really got to get to know back in the day. I guess it wasn't such a sh—y experience after all.