Meghan Markle's Reason For Staying Off Twitter Is Probably Not What You'd Expect

by Chelsea Stewart
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It might seem like Meghan Markle is everywhere since she officially became the Duchess of Sussex in May 2018, but there is one social media platform you likely haven't seen her using. You might find yourself wondering on an occasion or two: Is Meghan Markle on Twitter? While it seems like nearly everyone has an account on the social media platform these days, it appears that Markle doesn't want anything to do with it — and the reason why might surprise you.

If you are anything like me, you probably assumed the Duchess of Sussex was prohibited from using the platform under royal protocol (I mean, even her nail polish colors have to fit with royal protocol), but that apparently has zero to do with her Twitter absence, according to her recent remarks on the subject. (Although, it appears royal protocol would also prohibit her from posting.) While speaking at an event for International Women's Day on March 8, the royal revealed that Twitter might just be a little too negative for her liking. According to British TV network ITV, she explained, "My personal decision is to not to feed into negativity and be more cause-driven, action-based." Markle continued:

For me it’s a tricky one, because I’m not part of any of that. I don’t look at it. Sorry, no. For me that is my personal preference.

The panel was reportedly moderated by an employee at The Economist, per US Weekly. "But I do read the Economist," Markle followed up. Elite Daily reached out to her representatives for any additional comment on her remarks, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

I'm with you, Megs. Between the nonstop Twitter rants and the bizarre trending topics, keeping up with the platform can be a bit daunting of a task. And I'm sure it's even more stressful for someone as popular as Markle — who is also expecting, BTW.

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Markle was joined by panelists including Julia Gillard, the former Prime Minister of Australia; Adwoa Aboah, the founder of Gurls Talk, an online community for girls to discuss issues that matter to them; musician and activist Annie Lennox; and others. According to a statement the Kensington Palace shared with Elite Daily, the event highlighted "obstacles which still affect female empowerment across the world, including access to education and limitations within employment [and covered] the positive opportunities that come when women are given wider access and equal opportunity, whether that be in the UK or elsewhere in the world."

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During the discussion Markle also expressed her hope that her and Prince Harry's child will fall in line with the event's messaging.

"I’ve actually been joking in the past few weeks, I had seen this documentary on Netflix about feminism and one of the things they said during pregnancy is, 'I feel the embryonic kicking of feminism,'" she explained. "I loved that, so boy or girl, or whatever it is, we hope that’s the case."

The pair are reportedly expecting their baby at the end of April or early May, so she'll find out soon. (!!!) Elite Daily previously reached out to the Kensington Palace for confirmation on the reported due date, but did not hear back.

One thing is for sure when the baby does arrive: You more than likely won't be seeing any Twitter posts from Markle about it.