Kylie Jenner Teased A New Kylie Skin Product, & It's A Must-Have For All Lip Kit Lovers

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Ever since Kylie Jenner began teasing products and announcing drops for Kylie Cosmetics via Instagram Stories and Snapchat, the beauty industry has shifts the ways in which brands market to their followers. Top-secret drops that were once kept hush-hush are now hinted at via social media sneak peeks on the daily, and Jenner herself is truly the master of this technique. Just a few days ago, she took to her personal account to show something new, and now I can't stop thinking about the fact that Kylie Skin is dropping a lip mask. TBH, I don't know how I didn't see this coming, given that her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits are so beloved. Of course Kylie Skin had to get in on the lippie action.

For real, though — the "Exposed" Lip Kit ($29, is still one of the best nude lip options I've ever come across, but because Jenner's matte liquid lipstick formula is so intense, I always make sure my pout is perfectly prepped before application. The day before I know I'm wearing a Kylie Lip Kit, I exfoliate with a lip scrub, and then follow up with an ultra-nourishing lip balm. Even better is an overnight lip mask, that I can let sink in while I sleep and wake up with perfectly supple lips.

According to Jenner's Instagram Story, the latter just might be coming soon, in Kylie Skin's signature baby pink packaging:

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

"I feel like teasing today .. because my lip mask is everything," Jenner wrote on an video of her baby pink fingernails clutching the pink-packaged lip mask. OMG! Apparently, the official name is the Hydrating Lip Mask. Should've been Kydrating, but whatever. Still pumped.

When Jenner removed the product's lid, she revealed a clear, balmy formula that looked, um, well-loved. Clearly, she's been using her sample quite a bit to ensure it's perfect pre-launch:

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

I always use a lip mask before applying a Kylie Lip Kit, so for Jenner to create her own makes perfect sense. Just imagine the holiday bundles! I can already picture a Kylie Skin/Kylie Cosmetics Lip Set with new shades and festively-flavored lip masks. Swoon. I also love that the formula is clear, so it can be worn during the day as a heavy duty balm if you aren't able to mask the night before.

Kylie, if you're reading this, there better be a lip scrub dropping, too!

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Jenner didn't give a specific launch date, and there's no mention of the Hydrating Lip Mask on Kylie Skin's social media or website, so no one can say for sure when it will drop. TBH, though, my bet is that it'll be released soon! Jenner isn't known to tease and make us wait too long, and she dropped the brand's body products fairly quickly after the original lineup launch, so perhaps Kylie Skin's third drop is just around the corner.

I'm ready, Kylie, just take my money!

At the very least, I can focus on Kylie Cosmetics's Birthday Collection while I wait. Have you seen the money-themed packaging? It's almost like a foreshadowing of all the money I'll be spending on her new launches, including the Hydrating Lip Mask, whenever it drops. My bank account might not be too happy about it, but personally, I'm thrilled.

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