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Is Kylie Jenner Having A Girl? Fans Think So After This Instagram Photo

Kylie Jenner has me in a place where I need to put a cool washcloth on my head and lay down. These pregnancy rumors are so crazy, I can't even handle it. Some days I think there's no way on earth she's pregnant and other days I wonder, "Is Kylie Jenner having a girl?" Her latest Instagram post definitely have fans asking questions.

Jenner has been keeping it very low-key on social media. She's posting less frequently and has opted to only post old photos or pictures that show the starlet from the chest up. Is she messing with us? I honestly have no idea. Her most recent picture on Instagram stirred up a little conversation. People have been searching Jenner's social media for subtle pregnancy clues.

Fans think Jenner may have hinted at the gender of her alleged baby. On Nov. 1, Jenner posted a photo of her hand on Instagram with the caption "shoot day" that included a pink heart emoji. First of all, I've scoured her Insta page and she's literally never posted a close up of her jewelry before — so kind of weird.

She has long baby pink nails and a gorgeous butterfly ring cascading across her hand covered in (you guessed it) baby pink stones.

Fans immediately took Jenner's dressed up hand to be a hint at the gender and "shoot day" to possibly mean she's working on pregnancy pics. Fans commented things like, "Finally!!! Pregnancy confirmed! I can’t wait to see the shoot!" and "It’s a baby girl look at all the pink." This picture doesn't confirm or deny anything about Jenner's alleged pregnancy, so we will just have to keep waiting.

Honestly, Jenner has been playing coy, in my opinion. For example, on Halloween. Jenner and her BFF, Jordyn Woods, dressed up as a sort of devil-angel combo. Both the ladies looked stunning. Jordyn rocked a red wig, red makeup, and red clothing. Jenner stunned in a platinum blonde high ponytail with white eyelashes and white clothing. Note: I'm saying the word "clothing" because the only pictures Jenner posted were from the chest up. THAT'S HONESTLY SOME BULLSH*T.

To add to the strangeness, Jordyn Woods posted a few full-body Halloween photos of herself, SO YOU KNOW THERE WAS A PHOTOGRAPHER AVAILABLE. Who am I kidding, in Jenner's world, there's always a photographer available.

I know I'm not the only frustrated fan.

People were wisely using Halloween to make the call on Jenner's reported pregnancy.

Jenner is clearly too sly for us. I would love to see a full scale picture of Jenner's Halloween costume. Last year, Jenner got "Dirrty" as Christina Aguilera. Her costume totally slayed, and she definitely wasn't afraid of showing skin.

That's why it's so surprising this year Jenner barely had any photos of her costume that I'm sure she spent tons of time putting together.

Jenner even seemingly had a low-key Halloween weekend. This is also odd because she usually loves to hit up all the big parties and is photographed literally everywhere.

While we all waited with anticipation to see what was going to happen, Jenner just posted a series of typical (borderline boring) Snapchats with her mom, Kris Jenner.

In her snaps, Kylie is seen goofing around with the Kardashian staple puppy filter while rocking a big, long-sleeved black sweater. ONCE AGAIN, ONLY FROM THE CHEST UP.

However, Halloween weekend wasn't a total loss. Jenner apparently had puppy chow for the first time, and in her words, "It’s like this Chex mix covered in some magical sh*t." I was shocked and disgusted. Don't worry, her fans clued her in.

For those of you who don't know (first of all, I'm sorry), puppy chow is Chex Mix cereal covered in peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar goodness. If you've never had it GURL, GO GET YOU SOME.

Basically, we will never know if Kylie Jenner is actually pregnant until it comes from her mouth. Until then, we'll just keep playing the guessing game. Le sigh.

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