People Are Already Planning On Being Pregnant Kylie For Halloween And It's Not OK

by Collette Reitz
Theo Wargo / Staff/ Getty Images

With the Sept. 22 Kardashian news that Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant with her first child, many people immediately began to rearrange their Halloween costume plans. If you thought you were the clever one who decided to run out and get a fake belly and Kylie Lip Kit so you could "wow" your friends in a pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween costume, then welcome to the wonderful world of Twitter. One quick search will show you that hundreds of other people had that same "clever" idea.

Of course, there are a few variations on the costume. Some suggest a couple's costume that consists of pregnant Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend, Travis Scott (who is reportedly the father of her baby). Other people are going the route of a group effort by adding Tyga, Kylie's ex-boyfriend into the mix. Since no one in the family is responding to the rumors in depth, there has been speculation about whether Tyga might be the baby's father, especially since he allegedly posted a controversial Snap that said, "hell nah that's my kid."

Dressing up as celebs is one of the most fun parts of Halloween, but dressing up as someone in order make fun of their personal situation is not a cool move. Apparently, it's not an original one, either.

Plenty of people went on Twitter and immediately called it out.

See? The pregnant Kylie costume is pretty done and it didn't even start yet.

Sorry, the idea has been taken about fifty times over, and it's not even October.

At least this one has a slightly different take on it, but it would be more accurate as Kylie Jenner's "reportedly" pregnant belly -- since we still have no solid answers. Either way, it's not a great idea.

While many people were taking to the internet to plot their cliché costume choice, there were some people who heard the news of Kylie's rumored pregnancy, but it didn't really impact them the same way. Their priorities center around October 31, and they don't plan on including Kylie Jenner -- or her rumored pregnancy -- in their schedule for the day.

We can thank these people for keeping an eye on the Halloween countdown.

Halloween enthusiasts are no joke. Hey, with that many days left before the holiday, that should mean that you have plenty of time to come up with a slightly more creative costume -- Kylie-related or not.

Seriously, I'm telling you that you will, without a doubt, run into multiple pregnant Kylie Jenner partygoers, and your would-be clever costume is clever no more. And again, poking fun at celebrities on Halloween is pretty much why this holiday exists. A costume that involves throwing it back to Paris Hilton and repeatedly saying "that's hot" all night is different than using a reported pregnancy to ridicule the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew.

I can't blame people for all of the interest in the story. I mean, the Kardashians make headlines pretty much every day, and this one was definitely a bombshell, but that doesn't mean that it can instantly become fodder for your Halloween costume. Kylie has so much more to offer than a possible pregnancy. At only 20 years old, she has already created a coveted cosmetics line, selling out Kylie Lip Kits with almost every new package debut.

Of course, she's had her fair share of troubles with the line, like when she was accused of repackaging colors as a new collection. So if you want to figure out a repackaged-color costume with the colors "Blitzen" and "Spice," then go right ahead. Just leave Kylie's possible pregnancy out of it.

Who knows, maybe Kylie will turn this whole story on its head?

Hopefully we don't have to wait until Oct. 31 to find out.