Is Kilgrave In 'Jessica Jones' Season 2? Here's What We Know


After nearly three years away, Jessica Jones is finally almost back for its highly anticipated second season... but the big question on everyone's mind is who the new big bad will be. David Tennant's scary powerful mind-controlling villain Kilgrave terrorized Jessica Jones throughout the show's first season, but she is finally able to snap his neck and kill him in the season finale. But although we saw him die, life and death are mutable things in the Marvel universe. So, is Kilgrave in Jessica Jones Season 2, or will Jones be up against another supervillain?

Surprisingly, Kilgrave apparently will be back for Jessica Jones Season 2, but there won't be some crazy resurrection or anything like that. David Tennant is confirmed to be back for only one episode of the new season, which seems to suggest that we will likely only see Kilgrave as some sort of vision in Jessica Jones' head or in her memories. In the grand scheme of things, it sounds like Kilgrave will stay dead, although his traumatic control over Jones' past will return to haunt her.

With Kilgrave officially out of the picture (except for popping in for one episode), the supervillain role in Season 2 is up for grabs. But it seems like the most likely candidate to face off against Jessica Jones this season isn't just one person, but a whole organization. Season 1 ended with Trish Walker discovering some details about a shady government operation called IGH, which she believed to be somehow connected to Jones getting her powers. Since the IGH investigation was left open-ended at the end of Season 1, fans can bet that the new season will focus largely on the mystery of IGH and Jessica Jones discovering the truth about her origin story.

While we still don't know much about IGH, Jessica Jones did introduce us to some people connected to the organization in Season 1, and they could become critical to uncovering the truth about IGH and Jones' origins in the new season. Will Simpson is another product of IGH's experimentation, as we saw him gain superhuman strength by taking red pills provided to him by IGH in the first season. The other main player was Dr. Kozlov, Simpson's doctor who provided him with those pills. When last we saw them, Kozlov was dragging Simpson's unconscious body out of Jessica Jones' apartment after a beatdown, presumably back to his hospital to fix him up again. With IGH at the center of Season 2, fans can expect to see Kozlov and Simpson pop up again in the new season, possibly even taking over Kilgrave's mantle as the main villain of the season.

For many fans, the news that Kilgrave will not play a major part in Season 2 of Jessica Jones will come as a disappointment. David Tennant's villainous character went a long way in making the show's first season so gripping. As a spoiled and obsessive man from Jessica Jones' past, Kilgrave used his mind control powers to majorly mess with Jones' new life free of his control in an attempt to win her back. Prior to the events of the season, Jones had been under Kilgrave's control for a number of months after he discovered her powers, and he traumatized her by making her perform crimes as well as sexually assaulting her. After breaking free of his control, Jones turned to alcoholism to deal with her PTSD, and opened a detective agency to put her powers to good use. At the end of the first season, Jones discovers that Kilgrave's powers no longer work on her, and is able to fool him long enough to snap his neck and kill him.

Season 2 of Jessica Jones will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, March 8.