Refresh Your Memory Of Will Simpson Before 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Premieres


Season 1 of Jessica Jones had its straight-up evil villain in the mind-controlling Kilgrave, but also a more complicated antihero in the supernaturally 'roided-out Will Simpson. The former Special Ops agent-turned-Jessica Jones ally-turned Jessica Jones enemy was a critical part of the show's first season, and a major part in setting up what will possibly be the focus of Season 2. But will Simpson be back? Here's your refresher on what happened to Will Simpson in Jessica Jones Season 1 before Season 2 hits Netflix.

Will Simpson initially seemed like he was going to be a helpful ally to Jessica Jones in the first season of Netflix's Marvel series, but that began to turn once his connections to a shady organization called IGH became more pronounced. Simpson is first sent after Jones' adoptive sister and best friend Trish Walker under Kilgrave's mind control with orders to kill her after Walker insulted Kilgrave on her radio show. Jones is able to save Walker, and tricks Simpson into thinking he completed Kilgrave's mission in order to rid him of the mind control. After he learns that Kilgrave was controlling him, Simpson makes it his mission to kill Kilgrave, which actually puts him at odds with Jones, since she wants to capture him alive to get a crucial confession out of him.

Throughout the season, Will Simpson uses his special ops training in attempts to kill Kilgrave, putting Jessica Jones in the complicated position of protecting her former oppressor. Finally, Simpson and Jones come to blows, with Simpson employing a mysterious red pill that was given to him by his military doctor, which gives him super strength. The pill-enhanced Simpson is able to beat down Jones, but Trish Walker is able to beat him when she also takes one of his pills, although she needs to be rushed to the hospital afterwards. When we last saw Will Simpson, he was being saved from Jones' apartment by Dr. Kozlov, the military doctor that gave him his red pills in the first place.

Will Simpson's storyline is one of the major things that sets up what will likely be the main thrust of Season 2: IGH. The shadowy organization known only by those three letters was first discovered by Trish Walker when she went looking for details about Jessica Jones' past. She finds out that Dr. Kozlov is part of IGH, and feeding Will Simpson those superpowered red pills was part of the organization's plans. More alarming, Walker believes that IGH may have been responsible for Jones gaining her powers after her family's death in a car crash when she was a child. With Kilgrave still on the loose, Jones and Walker weren't able to fully explore what secrets IGH is hiding in Season 1, but you can bet that it will be a major part of Season 2.

It's unclear how Will Simpson will be involved in Season 2 of Jessica Jones, but since we know he is alive and so closely connected to IGH, fans can expect him to play a pretty crucial role in helping Jessica Jones and Trish Walker learn more about the mysterious organization.

Will Simpson is loosely based on the Marvel comics character of Nuke, a supervillain driven mad by years of torture and experimentation. He served as a black ops agent in the Vietnam War, during which time he was a subject of the same government super-soldier program that created Captain America and Wolverine. However, the program went haywire, and left Nuke deranged, which became even more pronounced after years of torture. Government officials were able to control Nuke's violent fits of aggression by giving him red, white, and blue pills: red to send him into his rage state, blue to bring him down, and white to keep him balanced between missions.

We may be seeing more of Nuke's tragic comic story come to light in Will Simpson in Season 2 of Jessica Jones, which will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, March 8.