Joey King in Netflix's 'The Kissing Bbooth'

Fans Have 1 Big Question About Joey King's Dancing In ‘The Kissing Booth 2’

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It's no secret Joey King is majorly talented. The 20-year-old actress has accomplished quite a lot in her career so far (including an Emmy nomination) so it wouldn't surprise fans if she had even more talents hidden up her sleeve. After Netflix's newest rom-com was released on July 24, viewers are wondering if Joey King is really dancing in The Kissing Booth 2, because her moves in the film are low-key incredible.

The highly anticipated sequel to The Kissing Booth follows best friends Elle Evans (King) and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) as they start their senior year of high school. There's so much to unpack in The Kissing Booth 2, from relationship drama to college plans, but throughout it all, one key component carries over from the first film: Elle and Lee's love of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).

Warning: Light spoilers for The Kissing Booth 2. According to Seventeen, Joey King and Joel Courtney danced for three hours every day before filming the original flick. After watching the sequel, it's pretty clear their training had to be even more rigorous. “It is so intense, and the first movie you thought we had hard DDR,” King said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "I’m not a dancer! This choreography is nuts, but so good.”

In The Kissing Booth 2, Elle enters a DDR competition in an attempt to win the grand-prize of $50,000 (which she needs to pay for college). In preparation for the final performance, she's shown practicing tirelessly with both Lee and new guy Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez). While the end result is a performance worthy of Dancing With The Stars, King has said her actual DDR skills are lacking.

I suck at Dance Dance Revolution," she said to the Los Angeles Times. “But when I’m being told exactly what to do, I’m pretty damn good.” To perfect the impressive choreography, the actor's training program sounds just as brutal as her character's: “It’s so hard. Now I have tendinitis in my elbow from it.”

Despite her injury, King's final performance at the competition was pretty spectacular. While there's no news yet about a potential third film, here's hoping Netflix orders another movie in the franchise so viewers can see even more of King's unstoppable moves — hopefully this time without the injury though.

The Kissing Booth 2 is on Netflix now.

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