BTS Dropped Mysterious Teasers That Have Fans Thinking This Song Is Their Next Single

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ARMYs may be on to something. Thanks to a few teasers shared by Big Hit Entertainment these past few days, fans think "Fly To My Room" is BTS' next single. In the past, ARMYs have successfully guessed the group's song releases, collaborations, and other major projects before they actually announced them, so it's possible they could be right again. Let's look at the clues fans found to back up their theory to determine the chances the single is happening.

BTS dropped "Fly To My Room" in November 2020 along with their BE (Deluxe Edition) album. Many of the songs on the record were inspired by BTS' experiences during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, and "Fly To My Room" was no different. It's about not being able to go visit your loved ones due to the quarantine and wishing they could just appear in your room to keep you company. "Everyday it's so frustrating, it's driving me crazy/ Feel like it's still day one/ Somebody give me back the clock/ I lost everything this year," BTS sings on the track. Listen to "Fly To My Room" below.

On Sunday, Feb. 7, Big Hit dropped "Notes" for "Fly To My Room" that included a compilation video of activities people did before the pandemic hit, like visiting a city, walking on the beach, going to the amusement park, and traveling. While many took the clip as a teaser for BTS' BE (Essential Edition) release on Feb. 19, others thought it was hinting toward something else.

Since Big Hit didn't share more group "Notes" for BTS' other BE songs, they wondered why "Fly To My Room" got the special treatment. They became more suspicions when the company shared a mysterious concept photo on Tuesday, Feb. 9, that showed someone opening a door.

According to ARMYs, the picture had "Fly To My Room" vibes written all over it. If BTS is making the song their next single, fans think an animated music video is on the way.

If "Fly to My Room" is BTS' next single, there's a chance it'll be a remix. After all, the track is a unit song featuring only four members of the group (Jimin, V, Suga, and J-Hope). So, if it was made into a single, they'd presumably give it the remix treatment to add Jungkook, Jin, and RM to the mix. ARMYs will just have to wait and see if they're right.