BTS Is Releasing A New Version Of ‘BE’ With Special Surprises For ARMY

THE FACT/ImaZinS/Getty Images

Get excited, ARMY: A brand-new "essential edition" of BTS' BE is on its way. The K-pop group had a groundbreaking 2020, as their latest album debuted at No. 1 and they were nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards. Now, BTS is releasing a new version of BE, and it will contain special surprises for fans. To get pumped for the release, here's what fans should know about BTS' BE (Essential Edition) album, including its release date and tracklist.

BE has been a major international hit since its release in November 2020. The album has been described by the seven-person group as a "letter of hope" written amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and it touches on relatable themes like anxiety, restlessness, loneliness, and ultimately joy. It also made BTS the fastest group to gain five chart-topping albums in the U.S. since The Beatles, and now, BTS is giving back to the fans who helped them along the way.

The group's record label, Big Hit Entertainment, shared the essential edition news on Sunday, Jan. 24. "The essential edition comes after their BE (Deluxe Edition) released last November and encapsulates BTS’ deepest appreciation towards their fans who have stood by every milestone - No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Grammy nomination to name a few," a press statement read.

The company explained that "several components of the album will be different from the previous record," and that the essential edition will contain surprise gifts for fans that will be revealed leading up to its release on Friday, Feb. 19.

BTS' Album Title and Inspiration

BTS previously opened up about the album's title in an interview with Sirius XM Hits 1 in Dec. 2020, with RM explaining: "In Korea when we learn English grammar, the first thing we learn is the 'be' verbs. It could be like, are, e's, am. So it means existence and, like, potentials. It could be anything — to be present in the moment."

Although a deluxe edition of BE was already released alongside the main album in November 2020, Big Hit Entertainment explained that "with BE (Essential Edition), we hope to show the deepest of appreciation to all fans who have stood by BTS in the making of history."

BTS' BE (Essential Edition) Tracklist

While the essential edition's full tracklist hasn't been confirmed, it's set to feature all eight songs from BE (Deluxe Edition): "Life Goes On," "Fly to My Room," "Blue & Grey," "Skit," "Telepathy," "Dis-ease," "Stay," and "Dynamite."

But BTS did promise surprises for fans, so keep your eyes peeled for new songs to be announced as the release date approaches.

BTS' BE (Essential Edition) Album Cover

BE (Essential Edition) has the same white cover as the original album, which features the title in a simple black font, with lyrics to the group's song "Stay" written below it in cursive. However, this edition also features two stickers: One celebrating "Dynamite" and "Life Goes On" reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and another recognizing the group as 63rd Grammy Awards nominees.

BTS' BE (Essential Edition) Release Date

At the end of its thank you letter to fans, Big Hit Entertainment announced BE (Essential Edition) will be released on Friday, Feb. 19, with pre-orders available starting on Monday, Jan. 25. "We ask you for your continued love and interest for "'Be (Essential Edition)'," the company wrote.