Here's What You Need To Know About Those Rumors Ethan Dolan Is Dating Emma Chamberlain

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Hiii Sisters! Just stopping by to chat about whether or not Ethan Dolan being single is an actual thing. Because y'all know rumors have been circulating since early fall that popular YouTube stars and Sister Squad members Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain are dating, and we still don't have any confirmation. I really need answers, you guys! I mean, I totally ship these two and it's pretty much killing me that neither one has either confirmed or denied that they are more than friends. But there are def a bunch of clues out there that could prove the dating rumors to be true, including a tweet from Dolan about Chapstick, of all things. So is Ethan Dolan single or not? Because if he's not really with Emma, I'm def gonna be bummed about it. Elite Daily reached out previously to Dolan and Chamberlain's teams about the dating rumors, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Seriously, sisters, you can't deny that these two would be total couple goals. Not only are they part of the same four-strong YouTube crew — James Charles and Ethan's twin brother Grayson are the other two Sister Squad members, ICYDK — but they have so much damn chemistry in their vids. Ever watch the way they interact? They are just so damn cute whether they are shopping together, serenading each other in the car, or talking about peeing in urinals — which Emma totally did, BTW. Ethan even surprised Emma by copping her a pair of heart-shaped sunnies she was coveting but didn't pull the trigger on in Vegas. Total boyfriend material, dontcha think?

And then there was Chapstick-gate. See, a Twitter user had the audacity to call Emma out on Jan. 8 for having crusty lips — I know I know, can't make this stuff up. But check out Ethan's response:

Her lips deffffinitely aren’t crusty.

And just like that, the internet was convinced that Ethma was legit happening.

So yeah, the Ethma shippers were freaking out. Which is why Ethan then jumped back onto Twitter to shut down all the speculation about what exactly his tweet implied to fans.

"What?" he wrote. "She’s always putting chapstick on everyone knows that?!?"

Twitter was not convinced by Ethan's explanation.

And if that wasn't enough Ethma drama for y'all, this happened a month later on Feb. 11:

You wanna know what you're looking at, don't you? It's a screenshot from a video posted by YouTuber Olivia Rouyre. See, Olivia's bestie happens to be Emma, and the video features Olivia breaking into Emma's apartment while she's away — where she proceeds to do Emma's laundry and make some "Welcome Home" posters with her bud Amanda Pavillard.

Anyone know where I can find some friends like these? Anyhoo, what Ethma shippers were quick to notice was that Olivia included a picture of what looked like Ethan and Emma seemingly kissing at 0:57, leading fans to believe the pair were officially exposed as a couple.

Check it out next to the top right corner of the book she's holding:

You Tube/ Olivia Rouyre


And another pic shows up on the far right at 13:45.

You Tube/ Olivia Rouyre

YOU. GUYS! This is so major! I mean, I know it's all so blurry, so who even knows if it's actually Ethma in the picture. But still. Olivia is definitely the internet's new hero.

Of course, even if that really is Emma kissing Ethan in the pictures, we may never get actual confirmation that these two are a thing. Because if you’re a true Ethan fan, then you probs know that he was linked with model Meredith Mickelson back in 2015. And he never confirmed that whole deal either, even though fans are totally convinced that they dated.

All of which brings us back to square one, and to our original query: Is Ethan Dolan single or not?

I think it may be time for Olivia to break into the Dolan twins' crib to see what she can uncover there, don't you?

Though, honestly, maybe we should just let Ethan and Emma decide when they want to reveal their relationship statuses? Their Sister Squad sister James Charles once tweeted that the constant speculation surrounding influencers' love lives actually affects their real-life relationships. So if you actually want Ethan and Emma to be a thing, the best thing to do would probably be to let them breathe without being hounded by constant speculation by fans that could affect their relationship (friendship, romance, or otherwise) negatively.