Here's Why Sister Squad Fans Are Convinced Emma Chamberlain Is Dating Ethan Dolan

by Nicholas Rice

Successful YouTube channel? Check. Millions of loyal fans and subscribers? Check. A boyfriend to call her own? Er... maybe? YouTube personality Emma Chamberlain — who is known for her hilarious videos and super friendly personality — has been subject to rumors surrounding her dating life for quite some time now, and many fans may be wondering: Is Emma Chamberlain single?

Though there is no concrete evidence to suggest that Chamberlain is in a relationship, many fans of the popular web star can't help but speculate (and hope) that she is in a relationship with fellow social media personality and Sister Squad member Ethan Dolan. Dolan, who makes up one half of the famous YouTubers the Dolan Twins, is rumored to be the man wooing Chamberlain, and the rumors have been going on for some time now. Elite Daily reached out to Chamberlain and Dolan's teams for comment on the dating rumors, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Chamberlain, the Dolan twins, and YouTube makeup sensation James Charles make up what is known to their fans as the Sister Squad. They've been making YouTube content with each other for months now, but one Sister Squad video, in particular, stood out to fans who are looking for confirmation that there's something going on between Chamberlain and Dolan.

The video in question was uploaded to the Dolan's official YouTube channel back in October 2018 and features the twins, Charles, and Chamberlain going through a haunted house. Early in the video, the foursome is discussing their plans when Chamberlain shares that they are planning to visit a "haunted insane asylum." Grayson corrects her and says it is an abandoned "asane" asylum. Ethan then pokes fun at his brother for mispronouncing "insane."

Grayson shrugs it off, saying, "Alright, we both f*cked up, me and your —," but before Grayson can complete his sentence, his last word is bleeped out and a pumpkin emoji is placed over his mouth to hide exactly what he said. Check it out below:

Due to the way the group reacted and how awkward both Ethan and Chamberlain looked, many fans speculated that Grayson said the word "girlfriend."

This wasn't the first time the pair were rumored to be an item. Before this incident even occurred, there was a photo that circulated the Twittersphere that showed Chamberlain being interviewed by Forbes host Tom Ward where a photograph of what appears to be Ethan hugging her from behind can be seen in the background.

This only added to the speculation that the two were an item and, after the Halloween themed video was posted, fans were fully convinced and took to Twitter right away to speculate that the two YouTube stars might indeed be a pair.

Whether or not Chamberlain's recent unfollowing spree on social media that included both Dolan twins and Charles has anything to do with their relationship remains to be seen (though, Chamberlain insists it is just a social media cleanse).

Long story short: It's all just rumors and speculation at this point and we'll just have to wait and see what comes out of all this! Emma! Ethan! Help us out here!