This New 'Riverdale' Theory About The Gargoyle King Actually Makes The Most Sense


At this point, Riverdale fans have pretty much suspected every character on the show of being the Gargoyle King — some fans are convinced the masked killer has to be Edgar Evernever, others swear he will be revealed to be Dr. Curdle Jr., and there are even some fans who think FP Jones may be under that bone mask. But after the events of this week's latest episode, there is a new theory that seems to make the most sense of all, and it will have you seriously wondering is Chic the Gargoyle King. A few details from the new episode make it sound like Betty's imposter brother from last season has actually been alive and creeping around town this whole time.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 20, "Prom Night." Betty and Jughead found out a couple of very important new details about the Gargoyle King mystery on the latest episode of Riverdale. First, a tattoo artist told them that he put tattoos of the Gargoyle King runes on the back of a blonde man with blue eyes about a year ago, which was when the Gargoyle King began to first appear. Of course, Betty and Jughead immediately assume this points to Edgar Evernever, but the cult leader shows Betty his back and reveals it is totally tattoo-free.

The next important detail comes when Betty is cornered by both the Gargoyle King and the recently reemerged Black Hood in the school hallway. As Betty prepares to shoot the Gargoyle King, the Black Hood jumps out and tackles her to save him. The revelation is that the Gargoyle King seems to be working alongside the Black Hood for some reason.

Given all of that, fans on Reddit have cooked up a theory that the Gargoyle King will be revealed to be Chic, the drifter that pretended to be Betty's long-lost brother Charles last season. And it seems to make sense. Chic could easily be the blonde man that the tattoo artist was describing, plus the last person to ever see Chic was the Black Hood. Everyone on the show presumed that the Black Hood had killed Chic, but now the Black Hood suspiciously has an ally in the Gargoyle King. Maybe instead of killing Chic, Hal Cooper instead cooked up a plan to have Chic continue his murderous plan while he was behind bars.


To give the theory even more weight, Chic's actor Hart Denton actually recently teased that his character would be returning to the show at some point this season.

Chic also has the drug connection, since he was revealed to be a junkie and often interacted with drug dealers last season, and the Gargoyle King is closely tied to the rise of the new drug Fizzle Rocks in Riverdale. We also see Jughead react in total disbelief when Ethel tells him who the Gargoyle King is in the promo for next week's episode, which is the reaction he would have if she said Chic's name since he is under the assumption that Chic is dead.

At this point, all signs seem to be pointing to Chic as the most likely Gargoyle King suspect, although it still is not really clear why he would be doing all of this. Expect to get those answers in the next couple of episodes, which will cap off Riverdale Season 3.