Fans Think Bella Thorne Is Pregnant After Her Rumored BF Posted This Instagram

by Karen Ruffini
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bella Thorne sure knows how to turn heads. Whether she's sparking dating rumors or showing off her eccentric side on social media, the girl ALWAYS knows how to capture the attention of the masses. (It doesn't hurt that she's a gorgeous badass, either.) But now, she's getting noticed for a completely different reason based off an Instagram post by her rumored boyfriend, Mod Sun. The photo depicts Mod Sun kissing Thorne's stomach, which has pretty much the entire world wondering: Is Bella Thorne pregnant?

Look, I'm not one to jump to conclusions or anything, but I will say that the photo is just a bit unusual. But hey, at the same time, it looks like Bella Thorne and Mod Sun seemingly have a relationship that's anything but usual, so what are we to expect of them? A photo of Mod Sun awkwardly standing behind Bella Thorne while they both smile at the camera, prom-style?

I think not.

But the photo's caption is also what's making people's heads turn, so all aboard the speculation train! The caption reads:

ur doing so amazing I️ love watching u shine bb

OK, so does this mean that Bella Thorne is just doing amazing in life? Or maybe he just means that he loves watching her do her thing? Or maybe he's proud that SHE'S DOING SO WELL WITH CARRYING A CHILD?

Seriously though, that caption is pretty cryptic. And, paired with the photo, makes it even more confusing.

I mean, look:

You can't just say that this photo deserves no attention, because it may very well be some sort of hint.

Many fans were quick to express their thoughts on Instagram. User mrssmith20202 said, "This is DEFINITELY a pregnancy pic guys," while user keeshamarie4 asked, "Y’all pregnant or nah?" And LOL to any chance of Mod Sun replying to the comments to let us know the truth.

But others think that Mod Sun isn't kissing her stomach, but is rather doing something a bit more... intimate. User witchyfaery said, "Um I’m pretty sure he’s like unbuttoning her pants w his teeth u guys idk maybe he’s that talented," and user possiblyprobable agreed, saying "I think he's about to take her pants off with his teeth..."

Which might actually make more sense, TBH.

Thorne has happily admitted that she tends to stray from normalcy, and in an interview with Complex, she reveals that people tend to agree when they meet her in real life. She said,

I’m the weirdest person ever ... People meet me and they’re like, ‘Woah I’ve heard things about you—but you’re, like, really weird.

Same, girl. Same.

So perhaps it's because of her weirdness (and I mean that in the best of ways, truly) that this photo really is nothing but Thorne and Mod Sun just being unapologetically them.

While the pair haven't exactly confirmed their relationship, she and Mod Sun (who, by the way, is a musician and rapper) sure seem to enjoy each other's company a lot:


Thorne also sparked pregnancy rumors in November of 2017, when she shared an Instagram story video of herself sporting a massive, due-any-day baby bump. But it seems that the bump was fake and was probably for her role as character Paige Townsen in Famous In Love, so sorry for anyone who was anxiously awaiting bb Thorne.

There's also the fact that she recently made an appearance at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, looking not-at-all pregnant — although, if she was in the early stages of pregnancy, we probably wouldn't even notice anyway.

Who in this world can we believe?

I'm going to go ahead and say absolutely no one but Bella Thorne herself, so unless she confirms the rumors, we should all just zip our lips and keep praising Bella for being the fantastic human that she is.