Is Agust D's "Daechwita" A Diss Track? Suga's Past Comments Give Some Insight

By now, you've probably seen all the trends on social media about Agust D's comeback. BTS' Suga finally brought back his other persona for an epic 10-track mixtape D-2. The project's lead single is "Daechwita," which also came with a music video. After reading its lyrics, fans are asking whether Agust D's "Daechwita" is a diss track. Suga may not have name-dropped anybody, but his past comments could give fans more information about who or what the song is really directed at.

Ahead of the release of D-2, Big Hit Entertainment did a countdown on Twitter teasing something was coming on Saturday, May 23. Each day, they posted a mysterious black image that became clearer as the week went by. On May 21, they tweeted another picture with "D-2" written on top. Fans thought it meant the surprise would arrive in two days, but in a twist of events, it was actually the title of Suga's new mixtape.

Not only did fans get ten new songs, but they also got a music video for "Daechwita." In the song, Suga flaunts his achievements and seemingly calls someone out for not believing he would succeed.

"Shut up, yeah, you calling me a pup, yeah/ I was born a tiger," and "Remember my name/ All sh*t-talk they got no game/ Off with their heads," are just some of the most pointed lyrics.

He doesn't mention a name in "Daechwita," but a 2013 interview he did with Arena may give insight to what the song is really about. That year, BTS debuted with "No More Dream," and some of its lyrics were also considered controversial, but Suga made it clear he wasn't directing the lyrics toward anyone specifically.

"It's not a diss intended to diss. Rather than criticizing a specific someone, I'm just expressing my self-confidence. If it bothered you, that's your problem," Suga said.

With this in mind, "Daechwita" could be a general diss toward any of his or BTS' haters. Suga has definitely come a long way since BTS' early days in 2013, so you can't blame him for wanting to show off his achievements every once in a while.