Reading Articles On iPhone X Is About To Get So Much Easier With This Feature

Have you ever stayed on a webpage for so long that the screen on your iPhone went black? Yeah, me too — and it's super annoying. Whether you've stared at your screen reading an interesting article or read an excerpt from your favorite book online, you probably experienced your iPhone giving up on you and going dark. Whenever this happens, you usually need to "wake" your phone up and re-enter your passcode. It's a lot of work, but thankfully, we are saying goodbye to the dark times (literally). If you upgraded to Apple's newest product, you'll soon find out that iPhone X facial recognition keeps the screen lit while you're reading. Hallelujah, am I right?

It's true: Because iPhone X has facial recognition that's super "aware," it knows when you're staring at your phone and keeps the screen lit while you're reading. As long as you're staring straight at your device, it'll understand you're looking and definitely won't turn off on you. It's actually a really polite feature, if you ask me. All the nights of reading before bed and getting cut off when my phone goes dark are truly things of the past, and I have my iPhone X to thank. (Yes, I own one — and yes, I'm still in shock.)

So if you're someone who spends their days and nights reading cool articles online, you might want to invest in iPhone X. It'll make the time you spend reading a lot more enjoyable because your phone screen won't decide to turn off on you.

Another awesome hidden gem on iPhone X that's born from facial recognition is the alarm feature. The alarm feature on iPhone X will make your mornings a lot more enjoyable by lowering the sound of your annoying alarm once you look at your phone. That's right: Once your alarm starts buzzing in the early hours of the morning, all you have to do is pick up your phone and look at it. Once you give it a glance, the alarm sound will get quieter, and it'll give you a chance to either hit "snooze" or turn your alarm off.

What's the point, you ask? Well, you tell me. When you wake up in the morning to the dream-piercing sound of your alarm, you don't like when it blasts in your face while you're turning it off... right? The iPhone X knows that, and understands that when you're looking at the screen ready to turn the alarm off, there's no point for the sound to be blasting anymore. You're awake, and thanks to facial recognition, it knows.

The iPhone X knows all.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Another sweet feature relating to facial recognition is the phone's ability to hide notification information unless you're staring at it.

Let me put it this way: Have you ever had your phone resting on a table where all of your friends are hanging out? If so, you know that your phone (and all of your notifications) are in clear sight as they start rolling onto your screen. Thanks to facial recognition, all the information on your notifications won't show up until you pick your phone up and start staring at the screen. The moment the iPhone X recognizes you, the information inside your notification bubbles will appear. This way, only you'll know what your ex just said when he texted you, or who just followed you on Instagram.

Pretty cool, right? Other features that exist because of facial recognition are Animojis and Face ID. Once you read up on both, you'll want to switch upgrade to the iPhone X and never look back.

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