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If Greenland Is On Your Bucket List, You Need To Go On This Dreamy Expedition


Greenland is a bucket list destination for many true travelers and wanderlusters like yourself, and thanks to Intrepid Travel's Greenland Expedition, your dreams are about to come true. This trip is made for exploring and taking your wanderlust to the next level. Are you up for that kind of experience? I think so.

In the past, you may have gone swimming in waterfalls and taken long flights to the other side of the world. You know that as you hike through gorges and dine at gourmet restaurants, you'll likely feel like you're on another planet. But you're prepared emotionally, physically, and mentally for a true adventure.

You're ready to be left in complete awe by your beautiful surroundings and take in the rich culture of this spot. You're ready to pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming when you see a narwhal's tail break through the arctic waters and dive back in. In addition, you already plan on taking a walk through the boutiques owned by local artisans and swoon over the rocky hillsides.

What you need to know are the details of this expedition with Intrepid Travel. That way, you can start packing your suitcase and leave a message on your social media outlets that says, "Gone to Greenland."

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Lucky for you, I have the 411 on what you can expect from this trip, from the locations you'll be going to, to the museums and boat tours you can sign up for. The eight-day adventure begins when you touch down in Ilulissat, Greenland's third biggest city, according to Intrepid Travel, and check into your hostel. You'll attend a welcome meeting, get some sleep, and then spend some time exploring a fish market and taking pics at Zion Church the following day.

From there, your group will take an hour-long cruise to Oqaatsut, where you'll see gigantic icebergs floating in the ocean and take a hike on the Kangia Coastline. You'll stop for a picnic lunch along the way, and will probably get very up-close and personal with the natural world. You'll return to Ilulissat, have some spare time to relax or explore, and then prepare for the following day to go sightseeing at your leisure.

During the rest of the expedition, you'll explore the city of Nuuk, which is the capital of Greenland. You'll take an included flight to this dreamy destination with colorful houses and picturesque views, and learn a ton about Greenland's culture. There will be more walking and museum tours on your itinerary, as well as Kaffeemik, which Intrepid Travel explains is "a celebratory tradition where a fun, casual social gathering is held at someone's home."

That may be the highlight of your trip and what makes you feel so lucky and appreciative to experience everything Greenland has to offer. It may be what encourages you to recommend this spot to your friends at home who are curious about the immense wildlife, beautiful snowy peaks, and delicious cuisine that comes from here.

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To book this expedition, simply head to Intrepid Travel's website and take a closer look at the details for their Greenland Expedition. Review the bullet points in the itinerary, and why the travel company believes you'll love this trip. Then, view the available dates.

As of right now, this experience is available for Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020 to Saturday, Aug. 8, 2020. It costs $4,845, and you'll be sharing a room with someone else, but you can choose to pay an extra $985 if you want your own room. The company notes that this is brand new trip for them, and that although they've "thoroughly researched this area," to be prepared if something doesn't go according to plan. They stress you can wait a year to take this trip when all the details are smoothened out, if that worries you. You can also save yourself a spot on one of their other trips: Essential Greenland: Southern Coasts and Disko Bay, East Greenland and Iceland Northern Lights, and Spitsbergen, East Greenland and Iceland — Northbound.

Otherwise, sunsets, cozy villages, and otherworldly icebergs await. From what I can tell, an expedition like this calls for a pair of hiking boots, a reusable water bottle, and extra space on your camera for an endless amount of pictures. It also calls for keeping a few things in mind like being sustainable and mindful when you travel.

“While we have previously offered cruise trips to Greenland, this is our first land-based product that allows customers to further immerse in the culture and support local businesses," Steph Millington, Intrepid Travel’s regional product manager for Europe says. "Tourism is in its infancy here in contrast to more popular destinations, so with demand for Greenland increasing, it’s really down to the trailblazers to set a precedent to visit the country in a responsible and sustainable manner for those who may follow in their footsteps.”

Make sure you pick up after yourself when you take in the wildlife over a picnic lunch, and you're careful when you're having photo shoots for Instagram. This is just the beginning for expeditions to Greenland, and you want to allow other true travelers to take their wanderlust to the next level the best they can.