This French Toast-Inspired Creamer Will Add A Taste Of Fall To Your Summer Lattes

Courtesy of International Delight

Now that summer is well underway, I'll admit that I find myself missing some of the cozy sips and bites from the colder months. As much as I'm living for the return of BBQ season and daylong sunshine, there's just something about sweater weather offerings that are undeniably satisfying. If you're looking to liven up patio season with notes of your favorite fall flavors, I've got some good news: International Delight's French Toast Swirl flavored creamer will be heading to grocery stores so soon to help you taste a little bit of autumn with every sip of your summer latte. The best part? No sweaters or cold temperatures are needed to spice up your morning ritual.

Now, as much as I love savory breakfast items, I'll admit that I have a sweet spot for French Toast. A weekend brunch just doesn't feel complete without a few sweet spiced stacks on the side, and if I'm being honest, in an ideal world, I'd happily start all of my mornings with the cozy fall-esque flavors of maple syrup and cinnamon. In real life, however, who has time in the morning to whip up a batch of French Toast and sit down for breakfast when you're struggling to even get out of bed?

Enter International Delight's newest flavor, which is here to make waking up in the mornings a little sweeter with the autumn-forward flavors of French Toast, whether or not you happen to hit the snooze button a few too many times.

Courtesy of International Delight

Starting in July, the company is rolling out French Toast Swirl Flavored Creamer, which will basically bring "the taste of French toast swirled with buttery syrup and cinnamon sugar" to your morning cup of joe, and I'm so here for it.

According to press materials, the company's latest attempt at bottling one of your favorite eats in creamer form will hit "grocery and mass market retailers nationwide" starting in July and will be retailing for $3.79 per 32-ounce bottle.

Courtesy of International Delight

To be honest, I'm all for the fact that a subtle, socially-acceptable way to start your weekday mornings with some French Toast goodness now exists, whether you're heading to class or an early meeting, with no one else the wiser (unless you choose to share your tasty secret, which you totally should). Because, from the sounds of things, this sweet concoction is definitely going to hold a regular spot in my creamer rotation.

While there are still a few days to go until you can grab the new flavor on your next grocery run, I have pretty high hopes for this new offering. After all, International Delight has more than 20 creamers inspired by crave-worthy treats like Oreos, Peeps, and my personal favorite, S'Mores, so there's actually a pretty good chance that the company's latest addition will be serving up the flavors of warm, buttery French Toast with traces of cinnamon and sugar that you know and love.

Plus, let's be real: You can always count me in for a product that makes starting your mornings with some much-needed sweetness socially-acceptable, and International Delight definitely has got that covered. Happy sipping!