OMG, Peeps-Flavored Creamer Exists To Make Your Morning Coffee Taste Like Marshmallows

Courtesy Of International Delight

Anyone who knows me at all is well aware of the fact that I am literally nothing without my morning cup of joe. But it's also important to know that I'm very particular in terms of how I like it. I usually take my morning cup black — maybe with a little splash of almond milk — and if it's spooky season, I'm also down for a some good old-fashioned pumpkin spice. But recently, all of that completely changed. International Delight's Peeps coffee creamer entered my life, and now, there's no going back. It's the marshmallow flavoring my morning cup has always needed, and to be completely honest, I am obsessed.

Renowned coffee creamer brand, International Delight, celebrated the end of the holiday season by hatching up the greatest creation known to mankind: Peeps-flavored coffee creamer. That's right — you won't have to wait a whopping four months until Easter for it — and whether you usually prefer the fowl-shaped 'mallows on your pizza, or if you would rather watch them drop from the sky in a 400-pound mass, I think everyone can agree that Peeps are absolutely delicious, and that they will most definitely make the start to your morning ten times sweeter. I can guarantee it.

Courtesy Of International Delight

Luckily, Peeps Coffee Creamer definitely won't be too hard to find. In fact, according to International Delight, the tantalizing treat is now available in grocery and mass market retailers throughout the U.S. Oh, and for all my fellow budgeting grocery shoppers, one 32-ounce bottle has a suggested retail price of only $3.79, and in my personal opinion, it's worth every penny. A delicious (and light yellow tinted) cup of joe is totally and utterly priceless.

Keep in mind, however, that Peeps Creamer won't be saving every single one of my cups of coffee until the end of time. In fact, according to International Delight, the delectable 'mallow-flavored product will only be around until right after Easter, on April 21. I don't know where it's planning on going or why it'll be leaving my life, but all I know is until then, I'll be stocking up big time. Before you know it, my pantry is going to be filled to the freakin' brim.

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Almost everyone I know loves Peeps, so it should come as no surprise that International Delight's Peeps coffee creamer is a total winner. Plus, it gives you a chance to enjoy a springtime sip in the dead of winter. Whether you take your coffee iced, hot, or in a latte, there's nothing better than a splash of marshmallow-y flavor... even if it is a full four months before Easter. Get ready for your coffee game to be totally changed, because this stuff is hard to beat.