There's A Candy-Themed NYE Celebration That Features A 400-Pound Peeps Drop

Aside from gifts, balloons, and — of course — lots and lots of family time, Peeps always manage to bring a ton holiday cheer to each and every occasion. Shaped like tiny chicks, the colorful 'mallows have filled many Christmas stockings, gift bags, and care packages for the last several years — although you may also associate them more with springtime and Easter. Even so, you could probably imagine how much cheer a 400-pound Peep would bring a small town. Yes, that totally exists. And at this Peeps Drop on New Year's Eve 2018 in Pennsylvania, there will be a 400-pound Peeps Chick descending from the sky. To be completely honest, I'm dying to go.

In case you didn't already know, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is the hometown of Peeps, according to a press release. And for the last 10 years, the small Eastern Pennsylvania town has put on Peepsfest, a two-day Peeps-themed festival which happens every New Year's Eve (Dec. 31). In addition to putting on several family-focused events such as the Peeps Olympics, and now the first annual sculpture competition, the festival features a "Peeps Drop," which involves a giant 400-pound Peeps Chick descending for the countdown (à la the Times Square Ball) to the New Year on Dec. 31, at 5:15 p.m. Sounds pretty wild, right? Ain't no party like a Peeps party, as some might say.


Would you just look at that giant hunk of fowl-shaped 'mallow? I can barely wrap my head around its existence. And to be completely I would totally go, if I could.

According to a press release, Meg Dowd, the Corporate Affairs Specialist at Just Born Quality Confections, Peeps' parent company, said what you probably already knew: the the Peeps marshmallow chick is a totally and utterly iconic symbol of the Peeps bran. It seems like they're somehow even more stoked about it than I am.

According to the press release, Dowd said:

The Peeps Chick is an iconic symbol that represents the Peeps brand, our company and our community. We look forward to celebrating with fans, some of who travel from all over the country, at Peepsfest!

If you happen to be looking to continue the party after the festival, try to get your hands on a pint of Peeps-flavored beer. The beer, which is called Peep This Collab, was brewed with love in March 2108 by a brewery called the Collective Brewing Project. It's made with an entire 30 boxes of Peeps, vanilla, lemon, and something called butterfly pea flower, which apparently turns it purple. The beer is then fabulously finished with edible glitter (yep, that's right) and I don't know about you, but it has me feeling sparkly and shiny like the glitter fairy I am. Despite the fact that it's apparently a little tart, and it seriously sounds like the drank of my dreams.

OK f'real I can barely fathom the fact I've never been to Peepsfest. But, most importantly, I can hardly believe that they actually drop a 400-pound Peeps Chick from the sky. It sounds beyond glorious, and IMO, there's no better way to ring in the New Year. If you end up making your way there, please take pics. This might honestly be the single most 'Gram-worthy occasion I've ever seen.