Someone Put Marshmallow Peeps On Pizza And The Internet Is Thoroughly Disgusted

by Robert Anthony

Excuse me while I barf uncontrollably.

I regret to inform you pineapple is no longer the worst way to ruin a perfectly fine pizza pie. If you thought dipping a slice of pizza into a glass of cold milk was the worst way to ruin pizza, that is also wrong.

Someone actually managed to top both of those horrific food concoctions by topping their pizza with marshmallow Peeps. I wish I was kidding and laughing maniacally as I type this, but I'm not.

This is very real, and I wish it were the fakest of news...

A Twitter user named Austin Braun decided to ruin everyone's day after uploading a photo of a poor, innocent pizza topped with yellow and blue Peeps.

It is unclear if he was paying homage to Twitter with some kind of sick joke, or if he actually put Peeps on his fucking pizza.

The hardest pill to swallow here is that pizza is delicious and so are peeps, but this should have never happened. I mean, come on. This was entirely preventable. Unfortunately for us, this is a reality.

Are you ready to meet your worst food nightmare? *Grabs barf bag* 

Behold the most disgusting food concoction of all time: Peeps on pizza... It's called "Peepza."

Twitter FREAKED when Austin Braun shared the photo.

People are even sending him death threats.


This is anarchy.

There are boundaries, you know?

Surprisingly, a few people admitted they'd happily try Peepza.

DiGiorno wasn't one of them.

Uh, I'm with DiGiorno on this one. I will NOT be lending my taste buds to Peepza. Not now -- not EVER (maybe if you pay me).

This makes pizza and milk look normal.


If you're curious about how Peepza tastes, I suggest buying a fresh pack of Peeps, a jar of tomato sauce, shredded cheese and bread.

For every Peep you eat, take a shot of tomato sauce, a handful of cheese, and a bite of bread and kiss your sanity goodbye. That is what I assume Peepza tastes like.

Bon appétit!

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