Dipping Pizza Into Milk Is A Thing And The Internet Wants Nothing To Do With It

by Robert Anthony

Last week, the internet nearly burst into flames after an atrocious photo of pizza topped with peas and mayo went viral.

The attack on one of the best foods in the entire world continues after yet another gross photo went viral. This time around, some genius decided it'd be a good idea to make dipping pizza into milk a thing.

I'm pretty sure I just threw up envisioning it.

Yup, I sure did.


That is insane. It's just morally wrong and 100 percent evil. You know, it should honestly be illegal to do such a vile thing with pizza.

It's so... beautiful.

Unfortunately for us normal pizza lovers, some milk-obsessed people are just weirdos. You'll probably agree after seeing this.

I don't know if the internet is to blame or if we really are approaching the end of time, but it sure does seem like the latter.

Twitter user Kocksal shared a disturbing photo of a hand dipping a slice of pizza into a glass of cold milk.


The brave, milk-dipping, pizza-ruining savage even offered to share.

I say "brave" because the outrage from fellow Twitter users is SCARY.

People are NOT pleased after seeing this tragedy on their timelines.

I don't blame 'em...

There's something seriously wrong with this strange food-pairing as well as the person eating it.

The reaction from the crowd wasn't good.

This has potential to tear families apart.

Despite how terrible milk with pizza sounds, this guy is pretty sure he prefers it over pineapple pizza.

Look, if you MUST eat your pizza with milk, at least do it the right way.

Now, that makes a lot more sense than having all of that scrumptious tomato sauce and cheese falling into a glass of milk. *Cringes uncontrollably*

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