People's Eyes Are Burning Over Guy's Unholy Pic Of Pea And Mayo Pizza

by Alexandra Strickler

People always compare pizza to sex — even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

I tend to agree with that sentiment in most contexts, but holy hell, I think we've found the gaping loophole.

Twitter user Air-ic (presumably Eric) tweeted a picture of this monstrosity that can hardly be called a pizza pie:


Accompanying that nauseating picture, he wrote,

Peas and mayonnaise pizza?! Yes please

And the president of Iceland thought pineapples on pizza was bad?!

The tweet has quickly gone viral, raking in about 700 retweets and 1,000 likes over the weekend.

It seems like Eric, who's from Florida — they're always from Florida — never expected his tweet to start such a whirlwind debate, but it's safe to say he now knows his palate is, um, weird... to say the least.

Twitter users did not hold back whatsoever in roasting Eric for his peculiar choice of pizza toppings. The memes were endless, and the insults were savage AF.

While some were deeply concerned for his well-being...


...others were simply broken.


KandyKorn's theory actually makes a lot of sense.


Pineapples DO belong in a smoothie rather than on a pizza, so I have to agree with him there.


Air-ic is surprisingly being an awesome sport about all of this.

At first, he was a bit speechless when he realized his Twitter stats were through the roof.


Then he started to pick his favorite insults of the bunch.


We don't know where Eric ate this sacrilegious mess, but it's safe to say the restaurant prefers to remain anonymous for now, given all the backlash.

I personally like to think I'm rather adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. I've tried an ostrich burger, and I'm relatively open-minded to trying crazy things like fried grasshoppers. I even regularly dip french fries and chicken nuggets into milkshakes when I order fast food (although I'm pretty sure most people think I'm just straight-up gross for that).

But every time I look at that picture of that sad excuse for a pizza, it makes me want to swear off all things tomato, cheese and bread.

You've ruined pizza forever for me, Eric. I hope you're happy.

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