This New Instagram Feature Helps You Chat With Your BFFs All Day & I Need It

by Collette Reitz

When Instagram releases a new feature to enhance Instagram Stories, it usually means that you will be able to further connect with all of your friends on the app. Instagram's new questions sticker is no exception, and you'll be so excited to use this new feature to keep up with all of your BFFs. Plus, with the inquiry-based nature of the questions sticker, you'll never run out of topics to chat about.

Instagram announced the new questions sticker in a blog post on Tuesday, July 10. The questions sticker is designed to keep the conversation going between you and all of your Instagram followers, per Instagram. Of course, you probably have a few chats going in Instagram Direct, but the new questions sticker lets you reply right there in your Story.

To use the questions sticker, first make sure that your Instagram app is updated to version 52 on iOS or Android. Then, you can add a question sticker to your story from the Sticker tray once you've taken a photo or video. To get the fun started after you've added a question sticker, simply type in a prompt to get your friends asking away.

You can say something like, "Waiting for the bus... ask me some questions!" and share it to your story.


Once your question is shared on your Story, your friends on the 'Gram can tap the sticker to type out their response, and it will be sent to you right there in the Story. You'll see the responses in your Story's "viewer list," and you can tap on any question to give your reply. Your followers can also reply to your prompt as many times as they'd like, so you'll definitely keep yourself busy when you add a question sticker to your Story.


As for your replies, they will show up in another Story once you tap on the question you want to answer. Your friends won't have to worry about being all over your Story either, because the question and prompt are anonymously reposted in the next Story along with your reply. OK, this might sound slightly confusing, but it's actually super simple since everything is done right within your Story.


The new Instagram questions sticker is also a great way to stay connected with your friends who you don't see as often as you'd like. How many times have you been perusing Instagram Stories when a text message notification from your BFF pops up at the top of your screen, only for you to swipe it up as to not lose your place in your Story session? I am all too guilty of forgetting to return the text as soon as I'm done playing around on Instagram. If you're similarly a now-or-never type of responder to texts, then the questions sticker is the perfect solution.

With the questions sticker, you can come across that same friend's Story while you're already in the app, and then you can immediately respond to her question sticker without having to exit the Instagram app. To make things even easier, she can answer your question with a few taps in her Story.


It's the instantaneous and interactive nature of the questions sticker that makes it so easy to stay connected, so you won't have to worry about accidentally forgetting to respond to your bestie for two weeks.

If you're using the questions sticker to keep up with long-distance pals, you might also want to try another new feature from Instagram: Video Chat on Instagram Direct. This feature that launched on June 26 is exactly what it sounds like. You can initiate a video call with any of your followers in Instagram Direct, and you can even have a group of up to four people on one Video Chat at a time.

You might not always have time available for a full video chat, but you can still stay engaged with your Instagram besties with features like the new questions sticker and other interactive stickers, like the poll sticker and the emoji slider poll sticker. There really are endless ways to stay in touch on the 'Gram, and the questions sticker will keep you connected like never before.