Instagram's Halloween filters include a glitter look that looks like Zendaya in 'Euphoria.'

Instagram Has A Glitter Filter That Basically Doubles As A Virtual 'Euphoria' Costume

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Halloween is almost here, which means it's time to dress up your 'Gram for spooky season. Thanks to AR creators, Instagram has nearly endless options when it comes to filters to use on your Story. With options like creepy clowns, pumpkin heads, and a Euphoria-esque glitter option, you'll want to use all of Instagram's Halloween filters for the rest of the spooky season.

TBH, if you use these filters for a virtual get-together, you won't have to bother with a costume or full makeup ~lewk~. To get started, head to the Explore tab, because most of these filters aren't in the filter carousel on your Instagram Camera. Once you're in Explore, you can look for any themed Instagram filters by doing a quick search, with terms like "Halloween," or you can go to the "Weird & Scary" filters tab in Explore.

Instagram will also likely populate some Halloween filters in the carousel as it gets closer to Oct. 31. But for the below filters, you can find them by clicking on the creator's name. When you're on their IG page, tap the smiley face above their grid, and that will pull up all of their AR effect filters. From there, tap on the one you want, and then tap "Try It." After that, you can tap on the name of the filter with the downward arrow, and then tap "Save Effect." That'll make sure it's on your Instagram Camera homepage.

OK, now let's get into the festive AF filters:

1. Pumpkin Head

The "Halloween" filter from @rodney.delvalle places a creepy pumpkin on your head and even looks like it's glowing with a candle inside.


2. Creepy Clown Makeup

The "Halloween" filter from @katya_tsipa does your clown makeup for you. Featuring a harlequin-style look and a creepy mouth, you'll want to upload your best impressions.

3. Pumpkin & Bats

If you're looking for some batty fun, the "Halloween" filter from @danalehman26 gives you a pumpkin badge on your forehead and little bats flying across the screen as you film.

4. Blood Spatter Makeup

IG creator @rechcamila made a filter that features a bit of blood, cobwebs, and glam goth makeup all at once.


5. Black Butterflies

This filter from @juliaroga features black butterflies around your head. Even if you aren't using your selfie camera, the butterflies fly across the screen for a spooky touch to your vids.

6. Creepy Top Hat

For an extra creepy Stories upload, try out the "Halloween1" filter from @fraude2018. The filter gives you a giant top hat, along with a complete face makeover of blacked-out, bleeding eyes, and a sharp-toothed grin.


7. Vampire Fangs

This "Halloween vampire" filter from @melnikova_blog mixes scary and glam by giving you some red eyeshadow and lengthy lashes along with a red and black pout. You can tap the screen to turn the fangs off or on.

8. It-Inspired Clown

The "It A Coisa Halloween" filter from @nabeliartes takes inspiration from Pennywise, with white makeup, red lips, dark eyes, and a red smile line that extends past the eyebrows.


9. Witchy Filter

Instagram user @marikhomenko made this "Halloween Witch" filter, and it's a glammed-up celebration of the holiday, with a witch hat, blinking red eyes, a pair of glasses, face makeup, and a magical sparkle.

10. Black Cat

The "black cat" filter from @___ussi transforms everything from your background to your face, placing you in surreal black and red lighting. You're surrounded by black cat statues with a vinyl-like texture, while your face is a floating mask, and somehow it's very American Horror Story.


11. Skeleton Head

Perfect for Halloween, this skull filter from @kingdopico looks like a classic horror flick, replacing your entire head with a realistic skull. It changes the rest of your background to a muted black and white, while any lighting in the room appears red.

12. Crying Glitter

The "Glitter4EVER" filter from combines a beauty filter with a creepy red tint and a lot of sparkle. This filter will literally have you crying glitter, and it's very reminiscent of Zendaya's Rue in Euphoria.

13. Glam Devil

Instagram user created this "Vintage Devil" filter that gives you glittery red horns, a full red glow on your face and body, and creepy yellow eyes.

14. Instagram's "Haunted TV"

This official Instagram filter debuted in October 2019, and you can still use it this Halloween. With four different screens with effects, this filter puts you inside an old TV and includes the unsettling sound of white noise. You can search "Haunted TV" in Explore to find this one.

This list isn't exhaustive, but it's a good place to start if you're looking for filters to upgrade your Stories with a little glitter or creepy clown makeup this Halloween.

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