These 5 Spooky IG Camera Effects Are Perfect For Halloween

by Daffany Chan

If you don't have your Halloween costume picked out yet, you might be having a little freakout. A word of advice: put down the animal ears and pick up your phone. Instagram's new Halloween filters are here to help you elevate your All Hallows' Eve look way beyond, "I'm a mouse, duh."

Get into the Halloween spirit with Instagram's new Halloween camera effects. It's mush simpler than turning old lingerie into a bunny costume. Just turn on your camera in the app, scroll the effects tray at the bottom, and then choose the spooky effect you're feeling. According to the brand, there are five spooky effects you can choose from, so basically, your Story will never not be freaking out your followers this Halloween. You may have noticed some of the effects that have already rolled out, since a few of them have been available for a little over a week. It you haven't been having fun with them yet, though, you'll want to get acquainted with your creepy options.

From white noise static that will give you flashbacks to The Ring to eerie lighting that'll have you checking under your bed before heading to sleep, Instagram went all out on the freak factor this year.

Courtesy of Instagram

Here's a closer look at what you can expect from each effect:

  1. Haunted TV: This spooky effect has four "channels" with different effects, including night vision and a Friday the 13th-type mask. Plus you're stuck in the TV, so it's all the fun of The Ring without having to walk around with your hair covering your face all night. (Note: if you don't see this one in your IG Camera, you can find it in the "Weird & Scary" tab when you tap "Browse Effects" at the end of your effects tray.)
  2. Trick or Treat: Want to have some Halloween fun in a cute way? With the front-facing camera, you can add a little animated character on your head that's trick-or-treating. Flip around the camera, and you can place the effect in your video.
  3. Red Sun: This flickering red lighting effect will give your story a hint of moody creepiness.
  4. Green Scream: This lighting effect casts shadows on your face as if there is a green swinging lamp above your head, like you're being interrogated for the Halloween crime of giving raisins to trick-or-treaters.
  5. Phantom Light: This effect will take you right back to scary story time around the campfire, giving you that spooky flashlight-held-under-your-face glow
Courtesy of Instagram

Needs even more help upping the freaky factor for your Instagram Story? Tap on the "Browse Effects" option at the end of your effects tray, and you'll have an endless options of filters and effects to choose from. Want to be a creepy clown à la Pennywise? Head to the "Sci-fi & Fantasy" tab for the perfect template. Other Halloween-ready effects can be found in the "Weird & Scary" tab.

Really, there's no end to how you can dress up your Story for the holiday. So, cancel that last-minute run to the costume shop and enjoy the leftover candy while perfecting your creepy Story.