There Are New Halloween Filters On Instagram & They're Really, Really Creepy

by Collette Reitz

Nothing says Halloween like snapping a picture with a filter that makes your face look like a bloodthirsty vampire. What better way to spread the Halloween spirit than by sharing those photos with all of your Instagram followers? Once you learn how to use Instagram Halloween filters, you can scare all of your friends from now until the end of Halloween night.

According to Instagram's emailed press release to Elite Daily, your smartphone's camera is the place to go to bring the spooky this season. More specifically, when you use your camera in the Instagram app, you'll be provided some freaky face filters that turn your regular Instagram story into a creepy ghost story. The filters you'll be able to pick from include: Flashlight, Fog, Night Vision, Vampire, and Zombie.

If you're going for pure creep factor, I'd recommend opting for the Flashlight or Vampire filters. Seriously, the Flashlight filter gives you an almost Jason-esque mask. There's no doubt that you could pass as a crazed hockey mask-wearing creep when you sport this filter. The Vampire filter is no slouch when it comes to scary, either. We're talking full-on white (almost glowing) eyes and fangs that would easily break skin. This isn't the fun-loving Count Chocula from the cereal box.

Freak out your friends using the Flashlight filter.


Opt for a classic creep-out with the Vampire Filter.


If you're more of a fan of The Blair Witch Project, you can throwback to the OG horror film by using the Night Vision filter. Just be careful if you decide to replicate the 1999 film shot-for-shot — you might just creep yourself out once you throw this filter on when you're out in the woods.

When the sun goes down, the Night Vision filter comes out.


Other filters you can use to keep this holiday straight up spooky-scary are the Fog and Zombie filters. When you use the Zombie filter, "unbelievable" will be the last word to describe your impression of the undead. Seriously, people will be guarding their gourds from your brain-hungry appetite.

The Walking Dead will be calling you to join in no time.


If you're into more of a cutesy take on Halloween, Instagram has you covered there as well. Look no further than Instagram stickers to get your hands on the most adorable candy corns and jack-o-lanterns you ever did see. You can still go the sinister route with some devil horns, but they're cartoon devil horns so they're not that bad.

You can also celebrate Halloween without being fear-stricken.


You'll get to enjoy these Halloween features until Nov. 1. But don't worry, there is another feature that Instagram rolled out today called the Superzoom, and you can use it to create dramatic zoomed-in shots set to music. How do you use it? All you have to do is select Superzoom when you're in the Instagram camera, and then tap and hold to record your video. Or, you could tap once, and it'll record a three-second Superzoom for you. You can make a Superzoom of anything, and the good news is that it's here to stay.


Superzoom won't be expiring on Nov. 1, so you can hone your skills with the Halloween filters — and then once the calendar flips, you can start practicing your turkey-centric, Thanksgiving-themed Superzoom masterpieces. Until then, though, enjoy the freaky-fun face filters, and celebrate Halloween by creating the spookiest Instagram stories possible.

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