Instagram Reels' new 30-second time limit gives you even more time to get creative.

Instagram Finally Upped The Time Limit On Reels Videos, So You Can Get Creative AF

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Get ready to start brainstorming for longer Reels ideas, because Instagram is finally heeding the calls of Reels users and upping the time limit on videos. Instagram released some new updates to Reels on Sept. 23, and in addition to Instagram Reels' new 30-second time limit, they also include improvements to the editing process. Here's what you need to know about the new updates, so you can start upping your Reels game ASAP.

ICYMI, Instagram launched Reels in early August, and the TikTok-esque format has probably been all over your feed ever since. As mentioned before, IG's short-form video feature is getting a glow-up less than two months after its launch. According to an email from Instagram, the first update is a new 30-second time limit for Reels. Originally, Reels only offered 15-second clip recording, and even if you created a string of shorter clips, you couldn't go past the 15-second limit. Now you can record your lip-syncing and dances for a up to a half-minute.

Also in the update is the ability to trim and delete any clip. Previously, if you recorded your first clip for your Reel and didn't like part of it, you would have to discard the whole thing and start over. With the update, you can edit the first clip, and each clip in your Reels, and trim down however you'd like without the need to re-record.

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You can also select the trash can icon to delete your first clip, instead of tapping the "X" at the top of your Reels to discard it. To try it out, record a clip and then tap the left arrow to edit it. Then, you'll see the trash can icon on the bottom left and a scissor icon on the bottom right. Trimming uses an easy slider option, so you can find the right spot to cut before selecting "Trim" in the top-right corner.

The last update to Reels is an extension for the timer feature. Before, the timer only offered a 3-second countdown. Now, Instagram Reels lets you set a timer for up to 10 seconds, which gives you more time to prepare before the recording starts. To use it, first select the length of your Reel, then tap "Set Timer." Once you tap the record button, a 10-second countdown will begin.

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If you have yet to get in on the Reels fun, it's been home to some fire vids like Billy Porter's preview of his Emmys outfit and Prince William and Kate Middleton's visit to a London bagel shop. The new Reels updates are rolling out on Sept. 23, but if you don't see it yet, try updating the Instagram app.